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  1. Yeah. Getting a closer look, I notice that the ranks (positions) of programs receive more attention and not the avg score. For the case of Iowa, it's score was 3.1 (down just 0.1 from last edition) but then dropped from #37 to #46. This means a relatively small change in the perceived quality can result in notable up or down in ranking for a program outside top 30. This does seem to be the case in top 20 or 30 schools. Also thanks for your kind words! Are you in on a program this year?
  2. Personally, I'm surprised that my school this fall (Iowa) dropped from #37 last year to #46 this year. Makes me wondering why given that it seems to be a solid program 😕
  3. Gosh really!? Thanks for letting me know. I should probably go in person then. Can I DM you for some other questions?
  4. True! I would also add Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia to your list as well. In terms of US market, I've noticed a few people working in the US graduated from ANU. But I think it is harder (of course not impossible) to get an academic job in the US with any non-US PhD, whether from Australia or anywhere else. Btw congratulations on your acceptance to Concordia!! I'm not too active in the forum but I know you've been a positive force here. Makes me happy to see a helpful and positive person like you get accepted. You surely earned it
  5. Sure thing Hope it'll all go well for you no matter which way you choose!
  6. Cool! Ok so what I know about ANU is that overall they seem to have a constructivist style of studying IR. Not very quant-heavy. And they also excel at the kind of research that is policy-oriented, unlike many schools in the US where Poli Sci and IR scholars dive into the patterns and phenomenon of politics. So it depends on which kind of research you would like to conduct - the more policy-oriented or the more basic science. In terms of regions, ANU is also very strong at Asia-Pacific IR and American foreign policy. I'm also an international student myself and come from a Southeast Asian
  7. I don't know a lot about ANU's PhD program but I've been there for a conference so I know a thing or two about the school. The campus has a nice feeling. The people are very nice and diverse too. I also know a few things about the IR-related studies there. But it depends. Is your subfield IR?
  8. Great to see a fellow grad student! Congrats to you PhD acceptance! I'm looking for apartments like crazy as well. Idk if you have found some Reddit posts about UIowa and Iowa City, but just in case, there are some that maybe helpful to you: And there are many more if you scan through the r/uiowa and r/IowaCity subreddits. Feel free to PM me if you want to chat further!
  9. Congrats on the SUNY Buffalo acceptance!! Can you share when and how you receive the decision from Maryland? I still haven't heard anything from them. Thanks.
  10. Hi. Thanks for letting people know. I applied to Mizzou and was rejected. Thought I had a good shot so I was a bit surprised to get the news. I was actually going to ask Mizzou for some suggestions for improvement on my application... But why does the program not accept applications in the first place, rather than receiving them and then not admitting anyone?
  11. I second this. I got the same email as well. Tbh I thought USC was going to take much fewer people.
  12. Thanks for the input! I am actually accepted to Iowa and as you said it is good in conflict studies, which is actually my area of interest. I am just wondering about the overall reputation and quality of the program (like how is it viewed by others in the field). And whether it can help me to land a job in academia. Congratulations btw, I see you got into quite a few good programs! Just curious so you didn't apply as IR?
  13. Just wanna bring back the thread. I'm an international student newly accepted into UIowa and looking forward to learn more about the Iowa City area. I have so many questions. But to start, what are your views on UIowa's Aspire at West Campus as a place to live for grad students? Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the info. USC is one of my favorites so the wait's killing me. Edit: Just curious. Have you heard USC say anything about the competitiveness this year? Esp. for IR?
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