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  1. Got into York in February. Just declined on Thursday. Hope that helps!
  2. They are usually pretty quick, I would expect just a couple business days!
  3. That Guelph program seems cool! Never heard of it. Good luck with your coming admissions!
  4. Toronto (rejected), Western (in), Queen's (in) and York (in). How about you?
  5. Hello! I am not sure if I will accept it yet - basically all I know is that I was admitted so hard to tell at the moment. Thank you! I'm quite sure York's PhDs are fully funded, but I do not know yet what funding I have been given, as I have not received my letter yet. Hope that helps!
  6. I actually messaged the department and they said it should update in one to two days! So we just gotta keep checking in hahahaha
  7. Hahaha thank you! Also got rejected from Toronto so they're not all home runs!
  8. Pretty sure I'm in for a PhD at York as my status now reads "Admitted"..... anyone know who how we can view the letter? It says there should be a column that says I should see, "1. Your offer letter can be found in "Admission Letters" in MyFile." but I do not see this. Perhaps it will help to get a notification from the grad coordinator later (quite surprised this didn't happen before the portal was updated).
  9. Hello there! I am a Canadian who is doing a Canadian MA, and just got into PhD's for next year. I would say this is very much to be expected. Like you mention, the goal is to open up spots for others/finalize next year's cohort as soon as possible. I do have experience asking for a deadline. Last year, I had a MA offer due before I heard about the other. I asked for a one week deadline and the grad coordinator was happy to give it to me. That would be my main advice: engage with the grad coordinator. Remember while these deadlines may seem hard and fast, that they're set by people.
  10. Got into Queen's this morning. Will likely be declining - hope that opens up the spot for someone else! Hope everyone is doing well
  11. Thank you! I wouldn't worry too much, but checking in with the admissions office probably wouldn't hurt. Who knows, maybe we will both be hearing good news soon. I wish you luck!
  12. Hi there! At some point, mine changed from "No Decision Yet" to "No Decision Yet - Currently Under Consideration". Not sure the difference. Perhaps, it changed when the Admissions Committee first met? I am not too worried about it Hope that helps! Congrats! I also heard from Western yesterday with funding!
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