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  1. Hi guys, I finally got my email from SSHRC at about 10pm EST! I got the Doctoral Fellowship! (Committee 4) For those still waiting to hear, fingers crossed that your results are on the way. This thread has been the only thing keeping me sane over the past few days and I can't thank everyone enough for the updates, support and solidarity.
  2. I have reached out to my institution and they are apprehensive about releasing results before students receive them from SSHRC. I wish SSHRC would send an email out to institutions advising that due to the technical difficulties, it is appropriate to share results with applicants while they wait for their official results
  3. Fingers crossed, the wait has been taking a serious toll on my productivity.
  4. Thanks for sharing - every piece of information is better than nothing in my books! It is so unfair that some people have received results while others have not. It also feels as though they are in no rush to inform those impacted by the technical difficulties
  5. Still waiting to hear from SSHRC and my institution has not received the results yet either...I wonder when this will be resolved
  6. Thanks for this! I just reached out to my grad office to see if they can provide any information.
  7. Congrats! Do you think that if we have not heard from our grad office we should assume unsuccessful?
  8. Am I the only one paranoid that my application somehow got lost or not submitted?
  9. I am studying clinical psychology so I am assuming we are grouped in the same committee
  10. Anyone else still waiting on an email / unable to change their password to create an account and access extranet?
  11. Has anyone been talking with the fellowships office? Every time I call I get forwarded to voice mail.
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