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  1. Huge congrats to you! Thanks for the reply
  2. Hey everyone has anyone had communication with SUNY Buffalo sociology dept
  3. Based on last year - January at the EARLIEST. I didn't get most responses until late February (applied to all sociology programs)
  4. @CinnamonCream - which threads in reddit? Would love to find a community there
  5. I'd definitely suggest diversifying applications across department rank. In the top 20 programs, hundreds apply for 10-15 spots in the final acceptance pool. Of course, departments may have an even more limited number of positions for international applicants, though I don't know this for sure. The best piece of advice I got about applications was to choose 3-4 schools in each tier of rank (tiers as top 33%, middle 33%, bottom 33%). (The most important factor here is department fit with your research interests - see below!) Most applicants apply to departments in the upper tiers, which have a
  6. Good question. In general, Professors prefer working with grad students. In the US grad students are viewed as more mature, dedicated to research, and committed to the discipline. Also, in most funded programs, funded students are not, technically, allowed to work anywhere except within the department. This is typically a condition of the assistantship and dedicates the student solely to studying and the assistantship. Generally, undergrad hires aren't help to the same standard and are, then, more free to say no or take on other projects. Additionally, developing graduate students in TA
  7. Hey everyone! I applied to PhD programs last cycle and was part of the brutal back to back rejections most of us seemed to get. In the course of one day, I was rejected by 6 programs almost back to back in February! And rejected from the rest of programs later that week (with the exception of 1 wait list - which turned into a rejection in April!). I turned to applying to MS programs and was accepted into each program I applied to. I accepted a spot in a funded masters program. I don't like my geographic location (like absolutely loathe it) and I know I want a PhD, so I've reapplied t
  8. I’m also in a funded MS soc program. I’d definitely start by talking to your program about where people end up. Here are a few places I know people from my program have gotten jobs (this is only graduating with the MS in Sociology): - adjunct Prof of sociology -full time lecturer of sociology (yeah, you don’t need a PhD to be a lecturer!!) - local food bank owner/operator, employee -policy analysis (local, state, & national govt) - NORC - Several nation wide non profits (you can find a large non profit in your area of interest. For example, I’m interested in s
  9. I would look at your ability to connect with faculty. And compare the 2 institutions on faculty mentorship and publication ability, tbh. If you're more likely to have meaningful relationships with faculty at the MA program, go there!
  10. This is a good question. The advice I've received is that the more research experience on your application, the better. If you can still research while applying to PhD next fall, I'd say to wait. Otherwise, I'd recommend pursuing a Masters - so long as it's funded - wherever you have the best "fit."
  11. I'd agree with @PopStudieshere. If this MA program is something you really want, I'd respond with Yes, I have been offered admission at University X with funding. However, I feel I'd be an excellent fit at MA University and I am open to considering all opportunities presented. Just like a job, if they want you there, they'll compete for you and telling them you've already been admitted elsewhere would just heighten the competition for you.
  12. I thought the same thing at first, but I really found they were overall less competitive this cycle. An excellent fit on a MAster's program is likely to yield good results for PhD applications later on
  13. It's really not too late. Most MA/MS Sociology programs still have their applications open. They're a bit harder to find than the PhD programs, but they're out there
  14. With such a competitive cycle, I'm curious as to why so many of us are turning away from MA/MS programs in Sociology? Is there an inherent negative to doing so? My faculty mentors have consistently told me if I'm rejected from PhD programs and dedicated to the field then a funded MA program is a viable alternative. Why does everyone seem to be so against it? Personally, I've applied to 4 MA and or MS programs in Sociology as a back up to being rejected from PhD programs. Thus far, I've received one offer of admission into the Master's Program with a funded teaching assistantship & tui
  15. Personally, I am taking it as a rejection. That's what happened to me with other schools - acceptances went out and 2-4 weeks later I got a rejection
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