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  1. Just want to give an update here for you all that I received a rejection email from the grad coordinator today. Hugely bummed but I’m hoping for good things for others!! Good luck!
  2. I've been loosely following the Asian Studies mess also and though I'm not quite certain why it occurred, it seems that the department has decided to skip a cohort and to not return app fees. I assume it has to do with covid, not enough apps (as you say), etc. Last I spoke to the grad coordinator, one month ago to the day, she made it sound as though our apps were still under review and that we should be expecting decisions in "early april." There was no indication that our apps are no longer being considered or that GRSJ is not taking on new students this year but I sincerely hope this is sti
  3. Hi! I am an international applicant to UBC (from the US) this year but the odds of being accepted to the program (Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice, Ph.D) are quite slim. My partner, on the other hand, has just been accepted to Simon Fraser for a two-year MA. We would like to stay together and we intend to move to BC regardless of the decision made on my app. In the case that I am denied, does anyone have suggestions for me regarding international work, living, etc in Vancouver? Suggestions for internships or jobs I can take related to my field (gender studies, queer theory, political
  4. Just making a thread here for applicants to share thoughts and decisions... I am an applicant to the PhD program but haven’t heard anything yet... anyone else??
  5. I was one of the commenters on the results page!! still nothing from UCSD, but tagging myself in here for updates
  6. im sorry to hear that... I did check but the status info section remains empty... I will email the department and see what happens ah omg
  7. I applied to this program, but have not heard anything... is anyone else still waiting? Feeling quite negatively about getting in but...
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