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  1. I already received an email from the chairperson and told me that I did not make it to the cut as there were only 2 people admitted for the PhD program. This is because of the limited funding they got for graduate students. Also, they let me know that there was a 30% increase in applications.
  2. Rant: The waiting game is no joke. It's been six months since the deadline. They kept pushing and pushing the notification date for offers. It will be stressful for international students to work on their visas on this date. If your target entry would be on August 6, I heard that at least submit the online application for the study permit by May 15. It is also not best to assume acceptance and prepare everything right now--it's costly and impractical. Receiving an offer is just the second step after the submission of the application. If September 7 is the first day of classes this school year,
  3. Got an update from GRSJ today: We sincerely apologize for the delay in processing applications. We received a high volume of competitive applications, and, as we are working remotely due to the current circumstances, the process has taken longer than usual. Currently, the Graduate Committee is completing its evaluation of short-listed applicants. We will be reaching out to applicants with the final decision by the first week of May. You can expect to hear from us soon. Your patience is greatly appreciated.
  4. I heard from a friend that Cornell (Performing and Media Arts) gave calls to accepted applicants so I guess they already released offers.
  5. I received the rejection letter from UC Berkeley. Email to check results on portal.
  6. Has there been any interview emails sent already to applicants? I also applied to Northwestern and UC Berkeley Performance Studies! And yes, the waiting game makes me anxious.
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