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  1. As someone who graduated a few years ago with my MFA, I just wanted to pop in here to say not to despair with waiting lists. The wait lists are typically small and you have a great chance of either getting a spot that opens up, or getting an offer of admission the following year. Source: I was waitlisted to my MFA program along with 3 other people. Myself and one other person got in and the other two joined the program the following year. Best of luck and congratulations everyone!
  2. @sisisi Congratulations! I wasn't offered funding, but still plan to attend. Happy to connect on Facebook if you'd like to direct message me!
  3. Just got an offer of admission to the MA Performance Studies program at NYU Tisch, which was my first choice! Very excited to study in the Fall!
  4. @sisisi I applied to the MA Performance Studies program at NYU since it appears that most of their PhDs are former MA students and NYU is my top choice. I found out today that I was granted an offer of admission! Very excited!
  5. Just got an email from NYU saying all PhD admits and wait list had been notified already. MA decision letters are going to start going out on Monday, March 15. Unsure if this means I'm still in the running for the MA program? 😅
  6. The MA application is likely related to the question on the PhD application “If not admitted into the PhD program, would you like to be considered for the MA program as well?” I assume it likely means rejection from the PhD program, but potentially a MA offer. I personally only applied to the MA program and am hoping for some news any day now.
  7. NYU is my top choice and I’m waiting to hear back from them as well. Personally, I borrowed a lot of money for my last degree. Unless you have the money, I’d almost always say to go to the program that is offering you the most funding. Your thesis and career are going to be what you make of it. It’s much better to not have to struggle with insurmountable debt, post-graduation.
  8. Just got an update email from NYU saying they are still reviewing applications and should send out decisions in mid-March. Fingers crossed!
  9. The pandemic has honestly been overwhelming, so I opted to pursue an additional master’s degree before jumping into the doctoral race. This is such a relatively small field and I was hoping to find camaraderie with fellow applicants. Are any schools offering admission this early?
  10. Submitted my applications a few hours ago. Wishing everyone best of luck!
  11. Just checking in here again. Narrowed my list down to applying to NYU exclusively. The deadline is this upcoming Friday. Wishing everyone good luck!
  12. @Noe Montez Thank you greatly for your response and transparency. It is very much appreciated! I'm sad to hear that Tufts isn't opening applications this year. I know many programs chose to extend funding for their current students, due to the pandemic, so it is understandable yet unfortunate.
  13. @DirectorsCoffee - do you have any insight or feedback from your applications in past years? Were you given any tips or advice? From what I've researched, admissions odds are really low, but at the same time there are also really small applicant pools.
  14. @Boseph16 - I've only contacted one program so far, last year. I just reached out to the Department Administrator to ask more about logistics. Some programs explicitly put on their website not to contact specific faculty. @theatremeg12 Personally I currently feel more aligned with the departments that list themselves as Performance Studies, but I'm also looking at other Theatre programs as well.
  15. Hi everyone! Very new here, but just started my exploratory process and thought I'd send this message out into the quarantine void. I know that it is hard to imagine what life will be like a year from now, given how crazy 2020 has been so far, but I'm hoping to begin the journey to my next degree. For background, I have a Bachelors degree in MT and an MFA in playwriting from a top-tier school. While I was in grad school, I began to realize that I wanted to supplement my education in craft, with a more academic approach to research and analysis, with the hope of the latter helping to
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