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  1. I am currently an undergraduate at CSUN! Advisement picks your courses which is frustrating! You don't really have a say! And you don't know when you'll get your classes! Some students have gotten a morning class + a night class on the SAME DAY and the department's just like, "So?" I've had some courses where I had a 4 - 6hr gap and I couldn't even go home like a normal student. But this is my experience as an undergraduate it might be different for the graduate program. Good luck to you!
  2. Applying there next year! Keep me updated!
  3. If you live in California you have to complete 70-100 hrs of fieldwork. I read on here that you don't have to enter an SLPA program all you really have to do is complete your clinical hours.
  4. Girl, I'm on the same boat! I currently work at a Montessori School I play to branch out into ABA therapy in the future.
  5. Hey! This is great news! Your story gives me hope! I am in my senior year and I need to get my sh!t together and you're story really inspired me!
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