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  1. There has been a group started for the Fall 2019 cohort. UMaine SLP Class of 2021 Group. There are five or six UMaine undergrad students that will be in continuing on to the Masters Program. A couple of us are the admins of the group, so if you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. We can get answers if we don't know them already.
  2. @oxbow ... I remember I opened up the mailbox and it was a huge package when I was accepted for undergrad. These emails take all the fun out of it! Truth be told, I get a little nauseated every time I open my email now. By the time this is over I'm going to be quite conditioned.
  3. @LaceySpeechie I also was accepted at UNH this week. DId your letter say anything about funding? Mine made a vague reference to hearing more about it later.
  4. UMaine does have a history of accepting Canadian students. Several faculty members themselves hail from our northern neighbor. The program runs five semesters and is a mix of onsite clinicals (Conley Speech & Hearing Center) and at ocal schools and hospitals. I highly recommend reaching out to the graduate program director. He will be super helpful and like you has a background in linguistics.
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