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  1. WeridoPeach

    San Jose State Univ Waitlist

    Unfortunately nothing from my side.. Did you have any news from them?
  2. WeridoPeach

    San Jose State Univ Waitlist

    Thanks for the info! I got the same kind email and it also bothers me now whether I should have further contact or not... Have you tried to ask about their waitlist information?
  3. Hi everyone! Just wondering has anyone on the waitlist heard back from SJSU yet? They said they were going to send out the final application status after Apr. 16th and so far I have no feedback at all. I'm dying to know if they have already sent out or I just need to be patiently wait longer...
  4. Has anyone on the waitlist heard from SJSU so far? I'm so dying to know whether they are still sending out emails or not at all... Thanks in advance!
  5. WeridoPeach

    California Interviews 2018!

    Thanks! I'd call the department to see what they have been up to. Sometimes they might hold up to the first round reply and then sending out more emails after the 15th. I'm not sure the financial aide.. Did they come from the CDS department or just school general email? Best luck to you too!
  6. WeridoPeach

    California Interviews 2018!

    I received my waitlist email last thursday. Not sure about rejection tho.. Which program did you apply? 2 year or the extended master 3 year program? I bet they might have a different date to send out emails since I applied for the EM program.. Wish you luck!
  7. WeridoPeach

    2018 Results Megathread (Acceptances , Waitlists, Rejections)

    Thanks and congrats to your admission! I haven't heard anything from them so far so Im losing my hope now...
  8. WeridoPeach

    2018 Results Megathread (Acceptances , Waitlists, Rejections)

    Do you know any 3 year applicants have gotten any acceptance or rejection news from SJSU? The waiting really drives me nuts...
  9. WeridoPeach

    California Interviews 2018!

    Oh no! I hope they will have a second round for the interview invitation... I applied the 3 year program so I dont know am I supposed to get the same interview time with the 2 year program applicants or mine will be a bit delayed.. We still have to hang in there for the final result.. Good luck to your other schools tho!
  10. WeridoPeach

    California Interviews 2018!

    @Slowcheetah Could I ask which program that you applied to CSUEB? Was it 2-year or 3-year program? I applied there too but so far I still havent heard anything from them... Im thinking I might not get the chance to have the interview

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