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  1. Typically their class size is a little larger because I looked at previous years, we are supposed to hear from them today, but I have not heard anything so far
  2. Any word if the class is full? I wonder if they will be making acceptances on Monday
  3. I did not as well lol I am basically giving up hope because silence is our answer ?
  4. Please post if you have been accepted off the waitlist though today, so at least we all wont be waiting for an email that is never coming
  5. I am also on the first tier, but did not get accepted off the waitlist on the 15th! This is my dream school and I am just praying that something falls into place I just have this gut feeling there is sooo many people on this waitlist that my chances of getting off are bleak
  6. I just am wondering how many people they even put on this waitlist.......it seems crazy to me that they split it into thirds
  7. Currently on the waitlist frantically checking grad cafe everyday LOL That is how I feel too! Praying for a miracle
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