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  1. West Texas A&M looks at last 60. I'm pretty sure theres been a post on schools that look at last 60 units. Try searching it and you'll find more info that's already been posted.
  2. I am on the same boat! A friend of mine is going to grad school in Texas and we are from California. She is having trouble because most hospitals in our area only take on students that are in-state. Such a bummer because I am hoping to do my externship in a hospital in CA. Hopefully others can chime in and give us more info
  3. Has anyone had experience with dealing with chronic pain and reporting it to disability? I currently have some intense pain in my wrist/forearm and I am worried that all the typing that will be required will cause more pain and I won't be able to keep up with reports, notes, etc. I'll be working with an OT all summer to get me ready for school but she mentioned if I still have pain I can ask for accommodations. I REALLY hope I don't have to and hope that my wrist will get better by August but just wondering if anyone has gone through something similar?
  4. I was in a similar predicament- my scores aren't the greatest and I graduated in 2012 and didn't keep in touch with professors. What I think really helped me this time around was taking a few pre-reqs I was missing (neuro and lang. science) and 2 grad courses with ENMU. I did that to 1. boost my GPA and show them I am capable of receiving A's and 2. build a relationship with current professors who can write LORs for me. I had 2 professors from ENMU and my current supervisor write my letters of LOR. Of course I re-took the GREs, worked hard on SOP, yada yada but I definitely think taking classe
  5. A friend of mine has and she re-took classes through Utah State and Eastern New Mexico.
  6. I took the 8 week Neuro course last summer and there is no way you can take a vacation during it. Its fast paced with loads of information. Even if you worked ahead its so much information to remember I would not recommend doing that if you are want to get an A. I took two 8 week courses last summer and worked 10ish hours a week and pretty much spent most of time studying for Neuro. I went on vacation literally a few hours after my final! lol
  7. I can totally relate to how your feeling. I recently got some not so good news about my father's health as well and will be moving away this fall. I have felt torn about the situation and it totally sucks! I think having close communication with family and the university will help in case anything arises. You are making the right decision and shouldn't feel guilty about what others might think. Sending positive vibes to you and your family~
  8. If you do get one I would invest in one with more memory. I got the iPad mini and have slowly accumulated dozens of apps. It does come in handy during therapy when an activity didn't take as long as you anticipated and have 5 more minutes to kill. There are a TON of speech apps so at times it makes it easier to use an artic app than carrying a bunch of artic cards with you. Some have features where they can record themselves and hear themselves say the sound and identify if they said it correctly or not. There are apps with stories that you can use for language and wh- questions etc.Those are
  9. I second what the poster above said. I'm from CA and school districts are ALWAYS hiring in my area (Los Angeles). I hear starting salary ranges from 70-80k depending on which district you work for and its not hard to reach 90-100k. The school district I currently work for even offers a pretty big sign-on bonus too.
  10. You can be a SLPA for as long as you want. I know someone who has been a SLPA for 10+ years!
  11. I made a facebook group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/795333493957828/
  12. Here's the FB group for West Texas A&M https://www.facebook.com/groups/795333493957828/
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