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  1. I wanted to post this thread here because I was wondering if I could get advice on gaining experience before becoming an SLP. I am currently an out of field applicant hoping to start a post bacc program in the fall for speech. I want to start gaining experience that can benefit me in the long run whether thats in my application for masters programs or just in general as an SLP. Or also if maybe you guys could share your job experience you had while you were receiving a bachelors in comm disorders or what you did job wise?
  2. Was anyone here a part of the Master's Prep Certificate Program (Post-Bacc) that Cal State LA has? If so I had a couple questions about the letter of intent for the department application. Thanks!
  3. I Messaged you directly thank you so much for getting back to me!
  4. I am currently applying to CSUF for the postbac program they have because I am a non CD major but recently finished my bachelor's degree in business. I finished the CSU Mentor application portion already and sent in my transcripts, I just have one last question about the CBEST my day to take the exam is next Tuesday and I am hoping I pass all the sections but am not sure if I will have enough time to send in the results by the Feb 1st deadline or if the CBEST results do not have to be sent in by that date. There is no one on their side that is able to answer my questions and I have tried calling I am worried my application will not be considered if the CBEST results are not sent in time. Hopefully someone knows more information about this.
  5. I've also thought about being a paraeducator in the meantime as well but ABA Seems to a really good option too. And ahh makes sense I'm sure it's nice to be able to choose your own schedule and stuff. And no I haven't taken it yet just because I barely am in the early stages of transitioning to this career. what led you to speech pathology ?
  6. Do you like subbing that had crossed my mind once but I just don't know if I could do a big class setting but I'm sure it looks great on resume. I'm thinking about ABA as well, I would definitely want to do that before applying to grad school. And yeah that's what's hard is they are either super competitive and affordable somewhat or not as competitive but super expensive. I hope I can get into the post bacc this fall
  7. Oh okay that makes sense. Are you already working in something related to speech therapy or to give you experience? That's really exciting though. I'm glad we are both going through the same thing except I am kind of limiting myself because of family and money.
  8. @Daniel998 thanks Daniel! Funny my name is Daniel too and you're a guy seems like it's not a popular career choice for guys. I definitely want to be a part of the change for gender neutrality in this field. What made you decide to do an online program? What's your goal after?
  9. Hi, I recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration this past June 2016 and am considering a career in Speech Pathology after finding out more about it by my sister in law who is a SLPA. It is something I am seriously considering but there are also limitations because I do not know where to start. I live in Orange County and would be commuting to school so the only schools that interested me were Cal State LA, Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Dominguez Hills. I know Chapman would be way too expensive since it is a private school. I just do not know which route to take since it there is an overload of information. I just finished applying to CSULA and CSUF for Fall 2017. I am looking to volunteer next year with something speech related but just need advice on what the best route to take is. Thanks
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