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  1. I wouldn't consider it to be an extended master's. From what I see, a certificate from a postbac isn't really necessary when applying to graduate schools. Doing a postbac at CSUF will allow you to show that you have your prereqs and that you are qualify to apply for CSUF's grad program or another grad program. The coursework is rather difficult sometimes, to be honest. I can't really compare it with CSULA since I haven't been there, but CSUF has a lot of experienced and respectable professors. Originally I had gotten into both the post bac programs at CSULA and CSUF, but I had chose
  2. Hi Everybody, So I had emailed Dr. Flint from CSULA about this situation a while back. She noted that every program is different, but majority will take a look at both grades in Communication Disorders and undergraduate courses. Although the science grades will count, it will only be part of the undergraduate GPA. In other words, even if I were to retake these courses for higher grades, my undergraduate GPA would not change. Furthermore, programs tend to look more into the COMD GPA rather than the UG GPA. In short, she suggested not to repeat these courses. Thanks for the input, ever
  3. Hi @faithcarol ! Sorry, I haven't checked the forum in a while. Anyways, so I took two courses through the SDSU SLP Essentials Program (SLHS 300 and SLHS 320), and I just started my post bacc at CSUF this fall. SLHS 300 Introduction to Language Science did not transfer into anything for me. However, SLHS 320 Phonetics did, so I didn't have to take Phonetics here at CSUF. In short, those 8 classes would not cover everything. In fact, some of the classes might not even be the same classes needed in specific postbac programs. The masters programs that I have looked at usually asks
  4. Hi Everybody, I was recently admitted into CSUF for the Postbacc program. I have taken a biology, a physics, and a sociology class during my undergrad years. However, my grades were average for these courses. Will these affect admission decision for grad school? Will it be calculated into the GPA for application? Should I retake them during my postbacc? If so, can they just be taken at a community college to save on costs? Please and thank you!
  5. It just started up last year and there are four courses listed (intro to language science, phonetics, hearing science, and anatomy and physiology of speech). The coordinator says to hope to open up all the classes within the next year as long as demands are met. You can take whichever courses you need as long as they are available They are 8-week long online courses. SDSU's graduate program (not to be confused with the essentials) is known to be #1 in California and #24 in the nation. It doesn't require application, but it doesn't guarantee acceptance into their graduate program. I'm not
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