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  1. graduate programs w transgender voice mod studies?

    I have heard that Chapman U in California specializes in this!
  2. Coming off the Waitlist After April 15?

    I wouldn't stress too much about it, actually! If you get off the waitlist at your chosen school, just be honest with the other program. I'm sure it happens all the time; so many people get waitlisted by programs, and so many people get accepted to 2 or more programs and end up turning down those offers, opening up space on the waitlist.
  3. School Facebook Groups 2017

    Me too! already sent in my deposit, so it's official!
  4. School Facebook Groups 2017

    Looking for this group also but haven't found one! Maybe we should start one haha
  5. Cal State Letters of Recommendation

    I agree it's definitely strange, so it's smart to get everything figured out early to make sure you don't miss anything!! When I was applying to post baccs a few years ago I never heard back from CSULA (which was fine because Chapman was higher on my list and I ended up there) but I realized later I never submitted their supplemental app.. totally didn't know that it was required at the time haha. So it's good to double check everything!
  6. Cal State Letters of Recommendation

    SDSU has their own separate application (not CSDCAS) called Decision Desk that you will use to submit all your supplemental materials (statement of purpose, rec letters, etc). You'll also submit the CSUmentor for SDSU but everything else will be through decision desk
  7. What Schools Are You Waiting On!?

    Oh weird! I feel quite sure that my friend who was rejected last year was notified, just a day later than my friend who got accepted. They did notify her though! Good luck to you as well!
  8. What Schools Are You Waiting On!?

    @plume I completely agree! 2 more weeks feels like an eternity at this point. I am waiting to hear from redlands as well
  9. What Schools Are You Waiting On!?

    Redlands sends acceptances by email! I have a friend who got accepted last year, and she received an email. I believe my friend who got rejected received her rejection via email as well. It was close to the end of march though
  10. Official Interview Thread 2017

    Not sure if anyone here applied to Chapman University in Orange, CA but I received an offer to interview on 2/14 via email, and I interviewed there yesterday 2/17.