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  1. No, I did not received any email after the system generated email for submission of application.
  2. I am from Pakistan. Did you apply for short-term grant for PhD or Postdoc?
  3. I also applied for short research stay with deadline of 2 Sep 2019. However, I haven't received any update after the submission and my online status is Application Submitted. From which country are you applying?
  4. Hi Kanwal. I know someone who has applied for a DAAD masters scholarship and her status is also application submitted so far. when I contacted DAAD Islamabad they told me they they dont know about the timeline as the selection is made in Germany.
  5. Thank you for your nice words. my application deadline was also 2nd Sep 2019. Yes, this is my first time applying for this scholarship. which country are you applying from?
  6. Congratulations on such a great news. As per my understanding, you have fairly good chances if your status has changed to pre-selection made. What was your application submission deadline?
  7. I have applied for a postdoc scholarship with deadline 2 Sep 2019 and waiting for the outcome.. Portal shows 'Application Submitted' Status
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