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  1. You got this! Take your leveling courses wherever is cheapest, sounds like living at home is a great option. I would start researching potential grad schools now because the time will go quickly. Good luck?
  2. If you’re struggling with some material, talk with the professor sooner rather then later. In my grad school experience, the profs wanted you to succeed too.
  3. My plan B was getting a Masters in Special Education. I accomplished that and applied a third and final time to a SLP program. I got in and 2 years later, finished grad school to become a SLP. I’m so grateful?
  4. I don’t have any information about that program but business casual is always a good choice?
  5. My GPA was similar to yours. You can retake some classes or in my case, I started and finished a Masters in Special Education. I finished that program with a 3.85. I applied for a 3nd time to a SLP program after I finished my M.ED. Much to my surprise, I was accepted to one program?I think getting a masters showed I was able to do graduate level work. You need to shoot for at least 300 on the GRE and at least a 4 in writing. Good luck?
  6. I would go to the cheaper school. I was told, ideally, your college loan debt should be no larger then your first year salary. Somewhere else, they advised no more then your salary, after working 5 years. My parents sat down with me a showed me an amortization chart with my loan amount, interest and years to pay back. It was eye opening for sure.
  7. Was this the only school you got into? Eighty thousand for grad school would give me pause too. If you don’t have undergrad loans, it would be at the top end of what I would borrow. Any chance you could take a gap year and reapply to schools that are more affordable?
  8. I lived alone my first year but moved in with a roommate my second. I’m an extrovert and I like people around.
  9. I currently commute to my job 45-60 minutes, on a good traffic day. I live in Northern VA. Those commute times don’t sound bad to me. We have parents who drive over an hour to bring their child to the school I work at? You will have an end in sight? Good luck!
  10. I went from Northern Virginia to Radford, VA, population around 16,000. Was it a culture shock, yes, but I survived. I was busy with class work and weekends were busy with studying. I did make it home on occasion, maybe 2-3 times a semester. I only lived there for 3 semesters because I was able to do my externship at home. I wouldn’t let the size of a town determine where I went to school, it’s not forever?
  11. Run your loan amounts, that you would need to borrow, through an amortization calculator. From this, you can see what your monthly payments would be. My parents suggested I do this and it was a reality check.?
  12. Don’t give up! It took me 3 cycles before I got in?
  13. When I was in grad school, we had a couple of people who commuted that far. I know a few times, they slept on others sofas if it was a late night or bad weather. I was happy to help out?
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