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  1. I know we are all here playing the waiting game, we've been playing since the moment we sent in all those apps. There is a reason they call this a process and for that reason I waited before even applying. Now I am losing it! For everyone who is still waiting? Please share with me the ways you manage to distract yourself. I know its the weekend and I won't hear from the school till at least Monday yet I still can't help but refresh my email. All of my eggs are in one basket now I was rejected from everywhere I applied except waitlisted at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Everything is
  2. And this is the title of the fb page - Eastern New Mexico University Communicative Disorders/SLP Majors its not just for grad students though
  3. If I don't get into Souther Illinois University I think I might take some classes with you guys! I won't officially be in the program but I am allowed to take up to 9 credits of their grad classes. If you guys want we have this discord set up of undergrads and grads mostly to help with the distance learning students but it is a helpful tool all the same! here is the link to join - https://discord.gg/JjAUXPc
  4. Congrats on the college of saint rose! I have a friend there! and good to know, it just sucks they gave us a date and now here I am a week later.... and hopefully if I am not above you on the list, that I am right after you hahaha @KelsHud
  5. I have been waitlisted for SIU Carbondale YAY! At least I hope it's yay this has been quite the process. They sent out an email the 26 of March saying they would have the ranked waitlist by April 15th but I haven't heard anything back from them yet. So I am wondering if anyone else has information or if I am just so low on this waitlist they haven't broken the bad news yet. It would also be supper helpful if anyone has declined this school just so that I can try and breathe easier, it's a class of a mere 24 so I am definitely going through a moment - to say the least
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