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  1. Indiana has a great program! If I weren't from Bloomington I definitely would aim for their program. If you have any questions feel free to message! My dad actually works in the department.
  2. Hi! I know you posted awhile ago but any chance we could trade statements?
  3. I would be happy to look yours over! I'm currently editing mine so in that mode of looking at fine details. Feel free to PM me
  4. That's great advice! I was struggling to think about how to put in my examples of shadowing SLP.
  5. Hi all, Wondering if anyone had any tips for writing their resume for their grad application. How to incorporate SLP shadow experiences etc. This is coming from out of field applicant so I have a lot of different experiences. Would love any tips or if anyone is willing to share their resume (feel free to delete personal information - more interested in the format) Thanks!
  6. I’m applying this cycle to. Are those scores really that low? the instructor in my GRE class said those are great scores. Especially for SLP
  7. My number one choice is Colorado boulder I’m out of field and have a bit of a lower GPA (3.3), and I think my GRE will be lower (150s) and taking it soon. But have been shadowing and think I have a strong personal statement. Fingers crossed.
  8. Number one choice is Colorado boulder. I’m out of field and have a bit of a lower GPA, and I think my GRE will lower (taking it soon) So really hoping
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