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  1. You could always call and ask! I found this on EdFind: Email Address: slhs@csueastbay.edu Phone Number: (510)885-3233 Program Director: Shubha Kashinath, PhD., CCC-SLP Hopefully you'll be able to get some answers soon.
  2. Check out this forum! https://forum.thegradcafe.com/forum/96-audiology/
  3. You will need to get the same degree (MS or MA) regardless of whether you are interested in a specialty. That being said, you may look into programs that place more emphasis on one aspect of speech which you're interested in. For example, my program offers elective courses and opportunities in voice beyond those that are required. If you are interested in working with a specific population, you can definitely apply to schools which have more courses or practicums in that area.
  4. University of Memphis! Incredible program and they try to make sure all students get some form of a GAship at one point or another of the two-year program. I was offered a GAship which came with the added bonus of in-state tuition. Ultimately it was too far for me to attend, but you should definitely consider it!
  5. W in NY and NJ. I've actually never heard anyone say it with a V.
  6. I think this is who @SoCali is suggesting? Rachael Walden M.S., CCC-SLP Clinical Director, Instructor, Academic Advisor, Clinical Supervisor(775) 682-7016 rwalden@med.unr.edu You could also contact: Thomas L. Watterson Ph.D. CCC-SLP Professor; Chair, Speech Pathology and Audiology; Clinical Supervisor(775) 784-4887 twatterson@med.unr.edu Best of luck!
  7. If it helps, advice that I have heard is to not take out loans worth more than the salary you would start out with following your CF. I don't know what salaries look like in your area, but that's something to keep in mind!
  8. Thank you! Do you mind messaging me the brand/type of parka you have?
  9. Thank you!! I am not looking forward to this winter weather!
  10. Rolling admissions just means that you can apply earlier than the deadline to get potential priority in admissions and earlier knowledge of admittance. So if you apply for a program with a deadline of January 15th in November or December, that may help you getting accepted or help you to find out if you've been admitted earlier than other applicants. It has nothing to do with which semesters the program offers. Also, if you look on CSDCAS, you'll have to choose the program you are applying to, and many of them are separated by start date, so if you want to start in the Fall, you'd do you whole application within "___ University Fall Start" instead of "___ University Spring Start".
  11. Thanks, bibliophile! What types of clothes are clinic-appropriate? I am bracing myself for cold weather and am not used to that, so I will have to invest in a lot of new warm clothing, including those for the clinic. Any recommendations for clinic clothing options are super helpful!
  12. Some schools have spring or summer admissions, but most admissions occur in the fall. If a program only has fall admissions, and you are applying now, then yes, you would have to wait until this coming fall to apply. As for rolling admissions, if you are looking into a school with fall admissions and their deadline is January 1st, for example, then sending in your completed application in November or early December often gives you a slight edge over other students applying, and in some schools you will hear back regarding whether or not you have been admitted before others have, if you have submitted early. For example, I applied to a school with rolling admissions on December 1st and heard back on January 30th, while others who applied later didn't hear back until February and March. I wouldn't apply to a program with fall admissions earlier than October-- I honestly don't think that buys you anything and it leaves more opportunity for parts of your application to be lost. Definitely don't apply before CSDCAS opens, which I believe is late August or early September (don't quote me on the date). Feel free to send any other questions my way!
  13. Yes, you can! However, some states may have additional requirements and might be more difficult to transfer. Some states require you to have a teaching license, which may require an extra exam and/or a specific type of placement (for example, to work in my state of choice, I will have to have a placement within a public school); some states, like NY, may require many additional requirements, so it can be a pain to transfer for your C's. But it's always doable! Just tell your placement office where you plan to end up, and you can look over those requirements together to make sure you meet them! This kind of thing is always better to figure out ahead of time.
  14. I don't think GPAs correlate to success rates. However, the fact that they are a small program that is just starting out could definitely affect praxis scores and completion rates. I think they are still trying to figure everything out.
  15. Wanted to bring this old thread back to life so other people could see this. I learned a lot just from reading this just now.
  16. They have just started it, but you could look for their Praxis and placements to get a better answer to your question. People have posted previously about their observations on the program, so you might want to search within this forum.
  17. Congrats! That’s huge!! You might get better/more responses if you make a separate thread with your question about WMU(:
  18. Good question! I would think so, but not sure. I would think there would be less demand and fewer people applying, though, so perhaps acceptances might be more attainable that way? Might be worth a phone call to ask.
  19. Only the online versions of these programs, and definitely not their residential programs, I believe.
  20. Yeshiva just sent me an email saying their class hasn’t filled up yet, if you want to send your application their way!
  21. Does this mean you got off the waitlist? Congrats if so!
  22. Also, if you don’t mind me asking, where did you take your class, and how interactive was it?
  23. Thanks! Would you recommend taking a longer course even if it would have to be online? I also may or may not have to take a leave from work for a month if I do i the in-person class, since I won’t be able to be working full time while taking it, which I can do, but that’s another factor to consider. I think I’d normally lead to the online class, but I’m worried about not fully processing the material if it is online only.
  24. Reach out to them! Seriously! You have nothing to lose at this point!
  25. Hi all! I am planning to taking Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing over the summer and am debating if I should take the course in person or on-line. The class that is close to me is only four weeks, but it's 10 hours a week (5 hours, 2 days a week). I'm not sure if I'll get everything I need out of course that is only a month long, even if it intensive, and I am heading to grad school in September, so I really want to feel prepared and comfortable with the material. I can also take the course online elsewhere and over a longer period of time, but I'm worried about how much I'll actually learn if the anatomy course is online and I'll be missing the lecture and real discussion aspects. Thoughts? Which option would you do? Thanks in advance!
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