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  1. Thank you @EAstudies and @potsupotsu for your kind responses. It's given me a broader perspective from which to consider this: what kind of work do I want to do; what kind of scholar do I want to be? Thank you for reminding me of these questions. My stay in the US does not have to be permanent, but the training I receive at a US institution would indeed greatly influence my future prospects and capabilities as a researcher. Now to weigh a US Ph.D. program against secure employment in a country with healthcare relatively figured out...a whole different sort of problem, haha.
  2. Hey All, Not sure if this is the right place, but I wanted to ask your opinion about going into a Ph.D. program in the US in its current political state. I've been accepted to one the US schools I applied to (not UPenn, which is all quiet on the western front), and I'm so excited! But I'm also nervous about going into something this intense when the US looks about ready to eat itself. As context, I'm currently living and working in Tokyo. I also have the opportunity to enter a PhD program at UTokyo, so it's not US or nothing for me. Anyway, if anyone has any thought or words of
  3. @potsupotsu Let's hope so! And thank you for the words of encouragement! I applied for 2017 Fall two years ago, and struck out on every application. The more that times passes, the more I fret that this year might be a repeat of that (yikes). But you're right. It's too soon to worry. Especially since it's not over until its over. Here's to hoping the emails we're waiting for come through soon!
  4. Hi all! Long time lurker here, finally decided to post. Congratulations to all those receiving good news! And hang in there to those still waiting (I'm with you). Anyone still waiting to hear from certain departments, and if so which ones? I feel like I may have missed the boat even for a waitlist if I haven't heard anything by now...even UPenn is giving me the cold shoulder.
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