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  1. If it's out and you have a real PDF - send that!
  2. Use the version that you submitted to the article (or rather, the copy-edited version). Add a line at the top with something like "Forthcoming in Blank, please do not circulate." Source: I used a forthcoming article for early job apps.
  3. Chiming in from Penn State - offers have been extended, at least by my advisor. We're expecting a cohort of 4, maybe 5 - one student in each of our four primary fields. Looks like it'll also be another cohort of 4-5 next year as well. We're a small program in non-covid times though, I came in with a cohort of 7 in 2016.
  4. Hi all, current ABD student at Penn State popping in. We just heard from our department head that we will be taking on new students, but that the university is shrinking our cohort size to about 5 per year. TBH, I came in with a cohort of 7, so our program has always been on the small side. All incoming students are guaranteed 5 years of funding. I also imagine preference will be given to people expressing interest in the dual-title PhD program (in WGSS, AfAm Studies, and Asian Studies), because that will help with funding. I'm dual in WGSS and History, happy to answer any questions abou
  5. During my application cycle (2016), this program was send out a ton of emails to faculty at my undergrad asking for "promising students" to submit applications. I had received a few rejections in a row, so my advisor asked me if I wanted to throw my hat in the ring for this and sent them an email inquiring about funding. They replied that they didn't really have any and that tuition/fees were $60k/per year. My advisor politely told them to stop spamming her with a program that would be harmful to her students. It's been said before, don't go into debt for an MA. Unsure if it's a on
  6. I just got an email notification yesterday that I am a semi-finalist for Germany for research! I'm a dual-PhD Candidate in History and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies in the process of writing my dissertation. Here's hoping for good news in a few months!
  7. Hi - Current ABD student here. I've seen a lot of posts about women/gender history. Just want to shamelessly plug that there are programs that offer joint-degrees or minor certificates in WGSS. I'm currently in the dual-PhD program in WGSS and History. I came for the history program, which hovers around #25 in rank, but found that the WGSS program is much higher-ranked and regarded, leading to more open doors. From personal experience, working in multiple departments offers more funding/teaching opportunities (I'm at instructor of record in the WGSS dep) and works to your advantage on the job
  8. I'm a current student at Penn State. Let me know if you have any questions!
  9. Hey guys, I'm a third-year in a PhD program and I lurk on these forums every year... Quick advice - as you turn down offers, please remember that if you've done your legwork properly, these are probably big names in your field that you will continue to see and cite for years to come. I turned down an offer three years ago and continue to email that professor regularly. In fact, she reviewed my comps list for me! All this is to say, please keep in mind that academia is a small small world. If you liked these people enough to apply to work with them, you probably want to be able
  10. I'm right there with you.. at this point it's just a little bit rude.
  11. What field are you in? I'm Early Modern Global with a joint in Women's Studies and I interviewed in mid-February and got a call from my POI announcing my acceptance a week later. I visited last Monday and officially accepted my offer yesterday morning. =) just to give you a bit of a time line. Good luck to you! I hope you hear soon.
  12. I'll be visiting and committing to Penn State in two weeks!! Still waiting on one other application, but I'm pretty positive this is it.
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