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    Philadelphia, PA

    Hi all! I FINALLY GOT ACCEPTED INTO A GRADUATE PROGRAM!!! HURRRRRAYYYYY!! After 3 years of rejections, FINALLY FINALLY! I was accepted into Temple and will most likely attend this fall. I went to Temple last week for an interview with the Director of the program, and I realized the neighborhood surrounding it wasn't adequate, to say the least. Anyone looking for a roommate or have any suggestions on where to live while attending TU? I'm attending Temple for the MS in Financial Engineering.
  2. Good point! I went back to school and minored in geology with the math degree. As for work experience, nothing like that is available in NYC, except for extremely low paying jobs for data entry in a geology/engineering firm or jobs that require extensive experience. As for research, none of that, I've contacted Columbia professors if I could help out in their labs related to geophysics and never got a response from an email or phone call. There isn't one of the few CUNY professors that are close to my research interests, so that's that. Now i'm thinking I should enroll as a nonmatriculate stud
  3. I keep getting rejected from programs with my 2.9 gpa. Just received a call from a chemical engineering program that my transcript was obsolete. No one has been accepting me and they all remark that the 2.9 doesnt meet their requirement. It's been 4 years applying and no fortune. I'm seriously depressed again, this happens twice a year and dreams are crushed again. I can't move on with my career, can't move on with my academic pursuits, can't move on from home, CAN'T MOVE ON WITH MY LIFE. This is so cruel.
  4. Hi all, I've recently stumbled upon a graduate of Manhattan College and he recommended me to the Petroleum focus for the MS Che program. I also realized they have a cosmetic engineering focus which is a HUGE industry aside from petroleum and there are PLENTY of jobs afterwards in then Northeast to say the least. I initially always wanted to be a petroleum engineer but the Cosmetic Engineer option is incredibly enticing, especially the research in developing products and its incredibly broader use. And just wanted suggestions from fellow engineers...
  5. Question, my third recommender is up in the air. I took an advanced thermodynamics class and the professor who taught it hasn't responded to me for 2 months after 3 emails. Should I ask my manager at work instead for a recommendation? I work in a completely unrelated field and I'm mostly certain that my manager will write a very generic recommendation.
  6. Question, if professors don't reply any of your emails regarding your interest in their research, should I just call them instead? I used to call them but then it usually goes to voicemail than switched to email. I mean, 95% of the professors I contact never bother to respond.
  7. geosciences? Only geology 101, petroleum geology, and Field Geology of NY.
  8. I haven't taken any geophysics courses, CUNY doesn't offer any. My gpa was around 3.1/3.2, with gre, Quant 162, Vebal, 154, Writing, 4. Though I took it three times in 3 years and my highest Verbal was 155 with 4.5 as highest writing. I plan to enroll in Masters only, definitely not interested in PhD. As for my LORs, I have 2 from geology professors and I read one of them as she gave them to me to edit and it was superb to say the least. My third one was from my math professor who taught me vector calculus, complex analysis, and real analysis. That professor was mainly a financial engineer
  9. That's my safest bet. Though I have no clue whether to get my third bachelors (yikes, my first was in English 5 years ago and math I finished 2 months ago) and whether or not that will look bad for adcomms, I'm not hesitant with my career choice just that my circumstances prevented me from moving out of NYC and NYC doesn't have geophysics (except columbia but I can't afford 5k per class). Should I just transfer for their accelerated programs or just masters again?
  10. Thank you Lyrehc! I do like Corvallis, all the nature and openness. Though I have to apply as a transfer for their 5 year program (I think they have it) or apply for the masters spring semester. Does OSU have a strong petroleum presence? I didn't notice any petroleum concentrations in their catalogue
  11. Hi geographyrocks. My company is only located in New York but many other hospitals throughout the country utilize EPIC EMR (Electronic medical record) software. So I can get a job at a hospital in Houston or the places listed and take classes on the side. So you suggest I just to the 5 year program (or 3 years) or keep applying to masters programs and hope to get accepted/cry if I get rejected?
  12. Hi all, As the summer goes by, I keep thinking of how my life would be a million times better out of New York and enrolled in a geophysics program but fortune as evaded me yet again. Currently, I'm a software analyst for a software company that is used nationwide. I have the ability to apply for a job in Houston and take undergrade/graduate courses at University of Houston or Rice in geophysics/petroleum related Or take a job in Denver and apply for UC at Denver or Boulder at take related courses. Or San Diego and Corvallis, Oregon and so the same. I'm asking because Houston i
  13. Same with me, A&M and Oklahoma in the mail. I got in no where, but congrats! Guess I'll be applying for jobs now and hoping for spring semester.
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