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  1. As allplaideverything said the bus frequency from FP reduces a lot during breaks and Sundays as well (one every hour and a half or so), which can be a real pain, but during the semester weekdays there's one almost every 10 minutes (lines 6 and 6 Limited). I work in Ballantine Hall and it takes me around 35-40 minutes to get there if I walk and around 25 minutes to get to the Wells library. It's a nice walk when it's nice and sunny and you're not in a rush, but definitely not in the winter. Getting to Marsh (the closest supermarket) takes around 20 minutes on foot and getting to the mall takes
  2. Well, back when I applied for the Spanish Linguistics program at Umass I also received a rejection letter in my home country, although in my case it was after I rejected them and was already attending another school. Apparently they didn't take my rejection too well
  3. Additional funding available? (summer research, dissertation year, language courses for those with language requirements)
  4. I don't have any restrictions/limitations to go back home for the breaks. I have a TAship which means that once I submit my final grades I am free until the following semester begins. And my supervisor is actually happier with me going home rather than staying because that means I have a chance to collect data for my research. I end up going back home twice a year: for the winter break and for the summer.
  5. Recently came from my first international conference. It was a great experience and received really good feedback. Yay me!! :-)

  6. I usually use Praat for sound analysis, but one of my professors uses WaveSurfer. As for the recordings, having a good microphone also helps. I've used a Sony mini-disc for my recordings and a Shure headmounted microphone attached and it has worked for me so far.
  7. This time last year I was enjoying my last days of holidays in my home country before returning to the US and starting to freak out about my MA exams (which I passed, by the way )
  8. I always tell my students at the beginning of the semester (and before any written assignment) that they need to make sure their handwriting is clear. I always remind them that, while they only have to write one composition I have to grade 40+ (depending on how many sections I'm teaching) and that if I don't understand the handwriting I'll just cross it out and put a big fat question mark. The problem is that I teach Spanish, so adding to the handwriting problem it's the grammar and vocab problem, so I tend to be less tolerant with the handwriting. If I have the time, though, I usually try to
  9. Just as @Christa posted, it usually takes a couple of days to process the I-20 and what takes longer is the international mail. I would wait a few more days (it's still the beginning of June) and if I doesn't arrive send them an e-mail. If you're worried about running out of time (or you know that wait lists for the visa interviews are too long in your country) you can even offer to pay for expedited mailing. When my school processed my first I-20 there was a misunderstanding and it got delayed. I payed the extra money and got my I-20 in less than a week.
  10. From what I understand, you are required to process the F1 visa at the consulate of your home country unless you are officially a resident at a different country. At least in the webpage of the US consulate in Madrid it says that if you're not a resident in Spain you have to return to your country to process the visa. @Aoedogg, you said that since you're a NZ national, you don't need any visa to work in Australia, so I would assume that proving that you're living and working in Australia would be enough to allow you to process the visa in Australia. However, I suggest you call the consulate
  11. Please, anybody, correct me if I'm wrong, but I doubt you will find anything like an easy PhD program. A PhD program requires lots of work and effort. As @fuzzylogician said, it is very hard to succeed in a PhD program. Many students who are very passionate about what they do end up burnt out after years studying, researching and working on their thesis. And, again, those are students who really love what they do. From your post I understand you see getting a PhD as an obligation, rather than something you want to do (if it's not the case, please, tell me), which will make the task of getting
  12. I've been going back home twice a year since I moved to the US: for winter break and for the summer. Fortunately, my financial aid involves teaching, so when classes are over I don't need to stay on campus. Plus, my research requires me to go back home to collect data and I teach for my school's study abroad language program in my home country in the summer. Which means, I HAVE TO go back home every summer.
  13. Bumblebee

    Bloomington, IN

    You're welcome! :-)
  14. Bumblebee

    Bloomington, IN

    @Elipschu! You may want to try OneStart as well. With the username and pass phrase you created you can go to OneStart. Once there, you go to classifieds and you can post an add there. People moving to Bloomington to study or people changing places usually check there. Good luck!
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