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  1. I would also advise you to not believe everything your classmates tell you. People in academia are known for overstating their situations: "I'm so broke", "I'm so busy", "I so didn't study for that exam" "I published x manuscripts this year". If you didn't apply for a TA position and then the person who got it was always complaining that broke but seems to always have money take vacations or go bar hopping? What if the person who gets the position is already fully funded? Would you be satisfied with your decision? It is never advisable to make decisions for about life based on other peop
  2. I had to make a 10 hour trip with cats when I moved for my PhD program. I agree with all the advice above: take short practice trips, don't give food or drink before leaving, line carriers with towels, toys so they have a familiar scent around them. The best thing that I did was invest in Feliway hormone collars and sprays so that they wouldn't be so rattled by the move and the drive. I also bought some of the Feliway pull ins and started using them the month before and after the move. One of my cats has anxiety issues and will pull her hair out when to many things change in her in environme
  3. These are the prices for the used versions! Most of the "older" edition (ie 4th vs 5th) books are from 10 years ago so they aren't worth the $20 purchase price.
  4. For use on my personal computer, no they are not providing statistical software for free. SAS direct download is $60 and NVIVO direct download is $150 (you have to pay extra if you want the actual CD). The sad part is I remember when the software was free back when I was pursuing my masters. I'm at a different institution now but I pretty sure my old school charges for the software now.
  5. So we've had the moving costs thread, the groceries thread and now the course materials thread! How much are guys spending on books, software etc for courses this semster? I already have $250 of required books for my statistics course in my cart at Amazon (yes there optional books for the course as well). I still need to purchase a Windows software upgrade ($60) so that can run SAS ($60) and I still have to purchase books for 3 other courses (most of which don't have course materials listed yet). I'm just hoping that my departmental aid and my fellowship to clear in time so I don't have t
  6. This. This company was in existence before you came and I'm sure it will continue after your departure (if it doesn't I'm pretty sure the place would have shut down had you stayed). End of the day, you have to do what's best for you because they are going to do what's best for them.
  7. Hey all, I've been seeing some posts for people preparing for the 2012/2013 application cycle and it got me thinking about what I was doing this time last year. This time last year I was visiting a school in NYC that I was interested in applying to and realized that it was not the program for me!! I was also training to run my first half marathon and becoming an alumni class officer for my undergraduate class. Going to graduate school seemed so far away at that point as I was trying to fill yet another vacant position at work. Now I'm and preparing to move 500 miles away a week f
  8. I have 7 days left of work and a two full weeks until I leave DC behind!!! @butterfingers - Your boss may be pressing you to put in notice because HR probably won't post the position until you do (As a manager I know how frustrating it can be to have opening not be able to advertise/interview because of some archiac HR policy but that's life). You can put in your resignation letter with whatever date you want (In my letter a gave a date 8 weeks in the future to give my PI some lead time to plan as it didn't seem to be sinking in that I was leaving). Just make sure that you are certain ab
  9. Aside from finances and safety concerns this is key. Where ever you go (especially in Latin America) all the natives will want to speak English with you so that they can improve their skills, couple that with spending a lot of time with Americans or Europeans (who are usually working on their 3 or 4 language) and your Spanish conversation skills could take a hit. Doing a homestay is best because you really get to understand the culture and you have no choice but to learn the language because you are totally immersed. My brain was working so hard that first month abroad that I had instense h
  10. So study abroad is a worth while experience but I wouldn't advise going if you have to spend money out of pocket. I went study aboard in undergrad and the only "out of pocket" expense was my plane ticket. I went to an Ivy League school which was fairly expensive. Most people in my school picked a program that was cheaper than the cost of staying on campus for the semester and so they would collect the difference in financial aid and use that for living expenses during the year. I can't give you the exact numbers because that was over a decade ago but the principle is still the same. I went
  11. My supervisor's response to my resignation: "There's still time to change your mind!" NOT!!!
  12. I just put in my resignation letter today. My supervisor knows as he wrote my recommendations and has seen the whole interview/decision making process play out. A high level manager in the department passed away a few months ago, my supervisor approached me asking if I was really going to leave and was I interested in a new position. I told him point blank "I am going to graduate school it's just a question of where". I just passed him in the hallway so I know he hasn't seen the letter yet. I'm praying he won' t have fit after he reads it (I am the last in a stream of "time to move on" d
  13. Yes, you guys are right my spices should be fine especially since Amtrak says my stuff should be shipped in a day. I am glad others understand how important/costly spices are.
  14. @ MellyMel Thanks for the Amtrak info. I just called to get information on my move (and to make sure that they ship to/from my cities). One thing person on the phone mentioned were that there are somethings they do not take/recommend you ship: nothing breakable, electronics, perishables (there go my spices), artwork, furniture etc. So if you have appliances/furniture you may need to split things and do one shipment for Amtrak and hire a moving company to do the rest. I'm thinking about using a freight shipping company like this one for my furniture/electronics. http://www.transitsys
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