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  1. This is great, thank you! I'm planning to allow my cats to become acclimated to traveling in the car by taking them on a few relatively short trips before the big move. I'm hoping that through this process, litterbox concerns will work themselves out, but I also wanted to crowd source for ideas from those of you who have been through this before. So thank you all for your suggestions! I also intend to call the vet and let them know that I do plan on moving and ask for their advice for what to do for cats that experience anxiety. My male cat has some history of reactions to vaccinations, so I h
  2. So, I went out and purchased the largest carrier that would fit comfortably into the back seat of my car, but I've come across a potential problem. With the size of my two cats, one being fairly "long" and the other comfortably stout, I don't see a little box fitting in the carrier along with them, be it a normal litter box or a make-shift aluminum tray. How have those of you with experience with this managed letting your cats out of the carrier to use the bathroom (even if they didn't use it)? I'm worried that they'll be so spooked, they might try to bolt, leaving me desperately chasing them
  3. This in incredible advice. I want to make sure that things go without a hitch and I think that everything you've mentioned will be really helpful. Thank you for writing in so much detail!
  4. Hi everyone, In about two weeks I will be giving my Master's thesis presentation to my committee and a slew of other people who will be attending in the department, both faculty and students. The presentation is supposed to be roughly 40-45 minutes with time left over for questions (10-15 minutes), followed by a review session with my committee members. I'm interested in gaining some advice or tips from the community here on how to best prepare for my presentation. I've never presented anything longer than 20 minutes before, so I'm mostly concerned about running into inopportune dry mouth/
  5. You might be better off posting this in the City Guide forum. Good luck!
  6. I actually had to go through this process for my Master's program while applying to PhD programs (I didn't even apply to my home school) and it wasn't an issue at all. I have a very open relationship with my advisor and he and I were on the same page when I spoke with him about my post-M.S. plans; because I have been at my current school for my undergraduate and Master's degrees, the need and appreciation for a different perspective that I would gain from attending another university was very well understood. Even though I didn't apply to my current school, all of my recommenders were very for
  7. These are really useful recommendations, especially the screw on cups. I hadn't thought of that, but I can see how those would really save some time and clean-up hassle. Thanks! That's a great idea! I hadn't considered giving my cats practice runs to get used to the car, but I can definitely see the value in starting that. I'm a few months out, so I think it should be more than enough time to have them conditioned to being in the car and driving around a bit. That's a much better plan than what I had in mind with the one-and-done-car-ride-hail-mary and hope they forgive me for it, hah
  8. ACM88

    New Haven, CT

    The leasing office for the apartment I will be renting when I move provided me with a form that included the companies that I will need to contact to have services turned one. Comcast and AT&T were on the list of options for internet/cable.
  9. A top-loading carrier is a great suggestion. For vet trips in the past, when it was only one or the other, I had taken to just tiling up the front-loading carrier and dropping one in, but that won't work with two so this is a much-needed piece of advice. My cats tend to be more on the skittish side, so I imagine that they won't want to go outside or be on a harness when I make pit stops (one of my cats was under-socialized as a kitten, so he gets freaked by any new sound he hasn't ever processed before). I'll definitely be calling the vet prior to my trip to get some of their advice. Thank you
  10. That's solid advice. My cats have had little experience in cars, and even fewer pleasant ones, so I'm hoping to come up with a game plan that is both realistic and minimizes the amount of stress and anxiety that they experience. Because of the number of people who will be helping me move (I'm driving with at least two other people with my own car and a separate UHaul because it's more cost effective for me to move my own things), flying isn't really an option. With my cats though, I don't think I would do it even if it was an option. I have too many (possibly unfounded) concerns ab
  11. I'm a few months out from moving to a new state, which is about a 12 hour drive from where I currently live, and I have to move with my two cats. I'm not overly enthused about driving with them, and I know that they aren't either, but I don't want to ship them on a plane because I wouldn't feel comfortable with that. I've done a few internet searches about people's experiences driving long distances with their pets, but I wanted to see if anyone on TGC had any experience or advice in this area? So far, my plan is to call the vet and maybe ask for some antidepressants to keep them mellow during
  12. I did end up in East Rock, which is a huge relief. Everyone I knew in the area (read: my future lab mates) all recommended it, so I had every intention of being in that area (even if it does mean I pay a bit extra for my digs compared to other places in New Haven). I'm really happy with my decision though. Have you found a place in New Haven?
  13. Thanks a lot for the advice. I went in and filled out the application for the apartment I wanted and it was no problem at all! I was actually really surprised; they didn't even ask me to provide proof of employment or recent pay stubs. It was remarkably light. I hope that speaks more to their familiarity with graduate student tenants and not to their having low standards! Again, thank you all for the input. It definitely calmed me down before I went in.
  14. I gave the property office a call this morning, to get an idea of what the process will be when I am in town and ready to fill out an application. They let me know that the security deposit is one month's rent with an application fee, which is very reasonable. I then asked if I would need to bring anything with me to complete the application or show them my background, and they said no! No paystubs, no offer letter, no nothing! I found that strange. But it reminded me of something else I'm curious about. From your experience, when apartments do a credit check, how much do they focus on you
  15. This is all such a relief! I was starting to work myself up, so I'm glad to know that given my academic finances, I should still be able to rent an apartment. Also, in the event that my stipend amount isn't quite what they would hope for, I'm planning to let them know that I intend to take out student loans to cover the difference it unexpected financial situations arise. Now all I have to really worry about is saving up enough money for a down payment/security deposit. *sigh* Thanks so much for your replies! I definitely feel better about this whole process now.
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