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  1. If I may offer some advice from the perspective of someone who already graduated and went on his first round of job hunting, there is an edge from an academic job perspective to go for a quant psych program rather than an ed psych program with a measurement/psychometric focus. I found out (sadly, a little too late) that ed psych type departments have no problem hiring people coming either from ed psych depts or from psych depts as long as the courses/research they did in quant psych overlaps with ed psych (i.e. some emphasis on measurement or psychometrics). Psych depts, however, seem to be
  2. Just to update the thread, I did receive an invitation for an interview scheduled for next month. I kind of like how on the "unofficial" itinerary they sent to me, everything ends with a restaurant dinner. I'm gonna be wined and dined! Sweet!
  3. Would it be possible for you to turn any of those posters into an actual publication in a peer-reviewed journal? That would definitely improve your profile as an applicant and, if you have a poster, I'd assume at least some of the research has already been conducted, rite?
  4. I do not know if your application is average or not because "average" depends on who else is in the application pool. Like @_kita said, it is a game of numbers now. If you were at the top 1% of applicants and 1000 people applied, you could be at the bottom of the 10 most talented people for that year. That's the thing with rejections. You have no way of knowing whether you barely missed your chance this year or if it turns out that this year most people who applied had lots of publications in very prestigious journals and it all came down to GRE scores. I honestly feel like you should gi
  5. Depends on many things, like the prestige of the program. I did an internship at ETS way back in the day and I wanted to be specifically placed within the research group that handled the GRE because by then I had learned enough Psychometrics to be able to distinguish BS to what seemed interesting. And one of the things I noticed when it came to uni departments asking for more scores and info (stuff that doesn't usually get reported on the website) is that prestigious programs OBSESSIVELY ask for info and they tend to be interested in all the new GRE bells and whistles. Which makes sense from
  6. Thank you @schenar. When I first encountered this area of Quant Psych (almost a decade ago) I felt really alone and almost like I had to re-invent the wheel all by myself every time. My undergrad profs didn’t know much about it, online resources were scarce, the field seemed rather obscure, etc... That’s why I’ve stuck around this forum. I realized that, although things have changed, a lot of newcomers in the field need some extra guidance that people in more “mainstream” areas of psych can get from almost anywhere. Depending on which area of Quant Psych you specialize on, you can be ver
  7. From what you described, I feel like your profile is pretty decent for a candidate applying to Quant Psych programs. Like I shared on my previous post (and quite a few other threads in this forum) this area is still “Psychology’s best kept secret” (that is changing fast though. I’ll elaborate further towards the end) so there isn’t really an expectation that any given candidate should be proficient in it. A traditional 4-year undergrad training in psychology usually gives you exposure to most of the major areas within psychology (social/personality, abnormal, clinical, etc.), but rarely do you
  8. Thanks. I guess that makes sense. I was kind of excited because, although the email was not signed, the email address from which it was sent belongs to a professor in the program I applied to (yeah, I Google-stalk sometimes, LOL). That made me think "oh wow, profs area already checking out my stuff! Great news!" But who knows, maybe it was just his secretary getting all his paperwork in order. I guess I'll find out soon enough anyway.
  9. Sooo... on an interesting turn of events, I received an email yesterday from the hiring committee which attached a PDF file with the exact same… uhm…“self-identification diversity form” (don’t know how else to call it) that I inquired about on my previous post. The email I received stated that said form was an important piece of my application package and would very much appreciate if I could fill it, sign it, and email back a scanned copy ASAP. I guess my very ethnic-sounding name must have clued them in . On the bright side it tells me they’ve reviewed my application and they haven’t t
  10. I see. Well, in that case I'd say you even have a decent chance at PhD programs. I mean, you know your application better than I do but if your freshman (non-technical) courses are the ones bringing your GPA down, I don't think they'd be that big of a deal. One of the advantages of applying to "unpopular" programs like Quant Psych is that potential advisors receive a lot less applications than say Clinical or Social/Personality, so they can actually spend time reviewing your stuff and not toss it aside if you don't meet certain GPA or GRE criteria. Last year in my program I think we only
  11. I think you should be OK. I mean, most people don’t start Quant Psych programs with a strong technical background (Mathematics, Statistics, computer programming, etc.). With that being said, however, it’s important to focus on which courses are bringing down your GPA. Like, for instance, if your upper-level Statistics courses are also your lowest grades, it kind of begs the question of how well you can handle mathematical research and stuff like that. Just some stuff to think about.
  12. In my experience, psychological research tends to be pretty number-heavy, particularly if you’re aiming to publish in the top journals. The whole Crisis of Replicability brouhaha alongside with the movement towards Open Science and is placing a renewed emphasis on proper methodology and statistics. But it does not necessarily *have* to be. I mean, there are some pretty strong published papers out there where the statistics and number-crunching is not particularly complicated because they have very powerful research designs with strong protocols. In my experience, the sophistication of statisti
  13. This is all good stuff peeps, thanks! I guess I dropped the ball on that one, I’ll remember it for next time. I mean, my name in itself is sufficiently ethnic that people may be able to deduce that either I was not born in Canada (which is the case) or that my immediate family is not from Canada. But then again who knows… this is my first time at this rodeo! I did have to meticulously scrub some social media stuff, remove pictures from my website, etc. Basically the whole “If I were cyber-stalking myself, what would I find?”
  14. So I was thinking about this when I submitted my application. The uni I applied to had a statement in their job description stating that they value diversity (making emphasis on gender diversity) as well as applications from underrepresented groups (which, if my memory serves me right, in Canada it means indigenous people, women, visible minorities and people with disabilities). There’s even an optional form you can attach to your application if you choose to self-identify as any of those groups. I fall in 2 of those categories and thought about filling out the form, but then I ended up gettin
  15. So I'm officially in now. I sent out my first application for a TT position at the stroke of midnight yesterday (today?). Still have my post-doc to fall back into if nothing pans out this year but I'm very excited to join in the job hunt. I think a MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOUR is in order for those of us who have volunteered as tributes this year? Regarding this: I got the same advice as with eigen. Unless you screwed up (i.e. you forgot to attach something with your application), the advice is don't contact them, don't thank them, don't do anything. Just sit quietly a
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