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  1. Two days before classes start, and I've already finished the lit review portion of my thesis! Maybe this summer wasn't a total bust after all. I am pleased.
  2. Oh, coffee... There's a Starbucks in the library, which is about a minute's walk from my department. I also had a class in there last fall, and pretty much everyone stampeded down there to get their caffeine fix during the break. 'Cause what else is gonna get you through a 3 hour theory class that gets out at 8PM?
  3. My Little Pony is amazing! Check it out. Netflix FTW. It's an awesome show. I've been working(ish) mainly from home, so I'm not looking forward to climbing up hills and billions of stairs in the heat and humidity, which will make me sweat hella crazy. Just no grey shirts for a few months. I guess a huge reason why I'm not looking forward to the fall semester is that one of my closest friends from my cohort withdrew and won't be coming back this fall. So, my level of excitement to return has been severely diminished. Bleeeh.
  4. Laziest summer ever. It was absolutely delightful.

  5. Whenever someone asks me if I'm excited about classes starting in two weeks. Ugh, thanks family and friends for the reminder that summer is almost over and I have done basically nothing except watch My Little Pony, play badminton, and sleep absurd amounts. Anyone else totally unprepared for the fall semester??
  6. Hey, coolio! Feel free to message me!
  7. My top schools: Texas Rice New Mexico I feel like all three are extremely long shots, but hey...I'll never know unless I go for it, right?
  8. Don't worry about whether or not you have a degree in sociology. In undergrad, I double majored in anthropology and history, and now I'm in a MA program for sociology. I took ONE undergraduate course in sociology, so my background in that area was really, really sparse. I know in my department, people have backgrounds in biology, anthropology, religious studies, economics, philosophy, and art criticism. I think a lot of it really depends on what kind of work you want to do and how your interests fit within sociology. I've found that programs seem to be enticed with people who have backgrounds
  9. Applications...urrrff. I predict the next 8 months to be full of tummy troubles and crippling anxiety.

  10. If you're interested in environmental sociology, check out University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Lots of environmental soc scholars here.
  11. UPDATE: I emailed both profs, and I got incredibly kind, enthusiastic and awesome responses from both. I have a phone date with one scheduled for next week, and I've been emailing back and forth with the other. Too soon to say, but at this moment, things look pretty good.
  12. How do you get past what profs say that puts you down and makes you feel like a loser? Euugh.

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    2. noodles.galaznik


      I met with them because I was considering working with them and applying to the program for my PhD, but no way. They made me feel small, stupid, and completely incompetent. Basically, they made it clear they thought I had no place in grad school. Glad I know that we wouldn't mesh now so I can cross that program off my list. I can't even imagine spending 5-7 years working with them.

    3. fuzzylogician


      Good thinking. A healthy relationship with your advisor is crucial for maintaining sanity during the process and success at the end. A good one will build you up, not put you down. Those are just small nasty people who we have to learn to ignore. Good luck with your search, I'm sure the right advisor is out there :)

    4. noodles.galaznik


      True! Just gotta keep searching. I think I've been spoiled with the advisor I have for my MA--he is pretty awesome in just about every way.

  13. Thanks! I'm going to work on getting in touch with people by the end of this week. I had just heard so many people say to wait and make contacts around September.
  14. Don't worry, this isn't going to be one of those "what are my chances, pleeez tell me!" posts. Basically, what I'm wondering is if it's too early to contact POIs at the schools I've chosen. I'm interested in the link between ancient DNA and diet and modern day health, ethnicity and identity among native groups. I did my background in anthropology and history (double major) and in undergrad I did independent research on genetics, morphology and health, and my senior year I did an honors thesis on ancient diet. I'm currently working on my MA in sociology and I'm examining DNA from a sociolog
  15. Already freaking out about applications I'll be submitting eight months from now. Holy crap.

    1. Rachel B

      Rachel B

      Just stay organized. Definitely plan things out and keep a calendar. It'll make things way easier!

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