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  1. Hey I lived on Glacier for a year and it was pretty decent as far as space and noise levels were concerned. It's definitely one of the newer buildings (I think only Global VIllage is newer) - and that's why rent is so steep. I'm currently on Castle which is ok but definitely older and smaller...and darker because of the trees that are nearby. Thankfully, it's warmer for some reason so we don't need to turn on the heat too high during winter. If you want you can check out this site for off-campus housing: https://www.su.ucalgary.ca/ooch . Brentwood is one of the areas closest to the school, a
  2. Looks like I'm the first (only?) ESTJ. I normally get that or ESTP on these things, though I once got ENTJ as well. I've been taking this test randomly for about four years, and as I've gotten older I've gone from having strong preferences to only moderate or almost no preference of certain qualities over others...which makes sense, I guess.
  3. Totally understand. I spend most of my time listening to music, singing in the choir or in dance classes. I also have become interested in reading articles addressing cultural, historical and sociological issues. But I feel all of that is related to my research somehow...
  4. For the most part I stick to leggings with an oversized long-sleeved sweater, or solid colour skinny jeans with a long sleeved sweater-like top. Sometimes I might wear a short sleeved sweater dress/top that's not particularly long with my leggings, or a top that's super bright...but it tends not be on days when I have to do my TA duties. Granted, I live somewhere where there is snow on the ground from October to very early May...but I'll just switch to some nice button up tops at that point. Oh and I generally stay away from graphics or super-bold patterns. I too look and come off about 7
  5. Overall it's been decent. PM me if you have anymore specific questions.
  6. Nope, I didn't include one in my application. There's a list of countries that need to take those in, but Ja wasn't on it.
  7. I am Jamaican currently on a two year study permit in Canada. I downloaded the form, filled it out on the computer and printed it out to sign it before taking it to the Canadian High Commission. The only issue I had was not knowing that they required a standard police certificate as well (along with the application fee receipt, the photos, and the other things that iphi mentioned). I was able to sort that out pretty quickly though, and I don't know if it's necessary for T&T residents to do that. The application took about 4 or so weeks to process, and then the permit was issued May 30. I
  8. I wear skinny jeans all the time here, because I find them warmer than my flares for whichever reason. Since my hips are pretty broad I just try to cover them with a very loose, long sweater or nice top.
  9. I actually don't like potato chips (Gasp! Yes I know lol) but I love green plantain chips! They're so hard to find in Canada though, at least if you're not on/near the East Coast.
  10. Lots of Green tea and water, apples/bananas, nuts, dark chocolate, and stove popped popcorn. In the office I have Hershey's kisses and stuff too...with water cuz I find that if I don't my stomach hurts a lot afterwards.
  11. I am going through a similar situation and I'm still trying to work out a system....when I'm desperate I take melatonin but otherwise doing a bedtime ritual involving tea, get-ready-for-bed-instead-of-crashing-into-bed stuff, and some quiet music helps. But I work best at night too (I can wake up in the mornings but even when I was a baby I was most awake/likely to eat at night) so....it's been a struggle. Good luck to you!
  12. I always have in earbuds, partly because it cancels out all the noise around me....but mainly because I'm a musicology grad so I don't have much of a choice there.
  13. I feel like you wrote down pretty much everything I'm experiencing and feeling right now...went from being in clubs and stuff in undergrad where I made some good friends to my current situation which involves a friendly-but-busy cohort. And the friends I have made are good but obviously it's nowhere the same. Additionally I left home in a big hurry (LONG story) and didn't get to have any get-togethers with any of my close friends before leaving. I don't have much advice to give you since I'm honestly still figuring things out myself...thus far I've only tried kind of taking people outside
  14. I'm not losing a ton of weight but like sareth, I'm far more active. Naturally, no bus stops nor train stations are near to my residence building and especially in September I spent most of the time walking to and from there to get groceries. The result is that I've lost weight in my first six weeks - I can feel it in my jeans, which are all a little looser on me. Although I've DEFINITELY been stressed out of my MIND, I haven't been eating MUCH less than usual. However my lovely grad student budget means I can't buy everything I want to at the supermarket, nor indulge too much when I go out
  15. Walmart has become my best friend. I'm sure you guys have already said this, but shopping there literally cuts my normal spending in half. As of this month I'll be trekking to Real Canadian Superstore to save even more as well. I essentially season batches of chicken which lasts for some weeks, and do stews etc as well. I also have made best friends with oatmeal, since it's super cheap and filling. I'm trying as far as possible not to buy food on campus or on the road since it's more expensive and generally doesn't taste as good as my cooking (to me that is =P), so I try to walk with fruit
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