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  1. I suppose I'll get to go home once a year. I'll probably be so busy studying and working on my research/ articles (and also trying to travel around North America as much as possible), that I don't think I'll have time to travel home more. However, my parents (as well as my academic mom) are already planning to visit us next year, so it will be OK... Plus, my sister is getting on my nerves now, so it looks like I will enjoy being away for a while...
  2. Yes!!!! (was starting to think I'm the only one...) I'm going to Calgary (will get there in mid-August)
  3. MK1

    Calgary, AB

    Thanks A LOT for all the info, museCS
  4. MK1

    Calgary, AB

    Hey MuseCS, Thank you so much for sharing this info with us. I'm mostly worried about (not) getting used to the cold (7 months of snow?!!!!! OMG!! and I'm too clumsy to even try skiing!!!) and about having nothing to do in the city. Could you tell us more about the city itself? Are there nice cafes? pubs? places to go?? I would also very much appreciate it if you could tell me (us?) more about the University. It seems like the campus is HUGE (I've spent 7 years in a teeny tiny campus) and easy to get lost in :-). Did you enjoy studying at C?
  5. MK1

    Calgary, AB

    Hey Diospyros, I am obviously not the right person to give advice, but after doing some on-line research, I came up with the following info: It depends whether you're single or not (I'm married, so living with roommates is out of the question. Furthermore, it turns out that there's a pretty long waitinglist for family housing on-campus, so we'll probably have to find an apartment off campus - $$$). As the uni is located in the NW area of town, it looks like that's the most convenient area to live in (On the other hand, 1-2 bedroom apartments cost about 1000$ per month!! whereas in other
  6. MK1

    Calgary, AB

    Hello everybody, I have been accepted to U of C and am planning to arrive in Calgary by mid-August. As the waiting list for family housing in campus is almost a year long (!!), me and my husband will probably need to find an apartment in the city (=off campus). I was wondering if someone could tell me a bit about the city (which neighbourhoods are relatively safe, close to uni and/or well served by public transport?). Any info and general impressions would be much appreciated.
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