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  1. You might be better off staying where you are, despite your current cynical views on it. It is the cold, dark winter after all, and every major starts to really get crappy after the first couple years. I majored in statistics as an undergrad. I had a lot of graduate students in my upper level classes. The only course I enjoyed was Theory of Probability. The rest of it- multivariate statistical analysis, regression techniques, etc (see, i can't even remember the names of my courses. it was that bad) - left something to be desired. This is a very, very dry course of study. However, if you re
  2. THANK YOU! I read your first two responses and they're excellent. I will write it down for future reference when the going gets rough. Thanks a lot TeaGirl.
  3. I like the way you think, TeaGirl. Except for one thing - don't you think my chance has passed by? The money has been spent, and I believe that I got very little out of college in terms of career preparation and personal growth. If I continue working and going to school at the same time (maybe just 2 classes per semester), I will be sitting practically all day, every day. Twice a week for classes and the rest of the time studying. That seems like torture to me. Maybe I sit a lot already by going on the PC after work. Have you ever worked at a desk job and taken classes simultaneously? Not t
  4. Can't you ask a professor in your department to recommend to you some graduate courses you can take which might help you better understand these techniques you speak of?
  5. You really should visit the schools that you are interested in, and if you aren't comfortable there, don't go!
  6. The thing is, JoeyBoy718, sometimes calling attention to one's unhappiness just leads to more unhappiness. IF you focus on improving things, like taking up a new hobby or smiling at more people over the course of a day, that can help. Not just taking a pill and seeing a therapist. That just feeds the apparent mental illness, prolongs the idea that you need crutches just to get through the day. I think this is why Arcadian focused his post on finding one's passion.
  7. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to answer my post. I'm sure you have way more important things on your plate. I guess I will try to figure out what I'm passionate about. I am sad, more sad at night, but idk if I'm depressed. (I know someone who has clinical depression, but unlike her I leave my house and socialize sometimes.)
  8. I will be 25 in December, and I still live with my parents after graduating from college two years ago. Got a degree but with a very low gpa. Found a job finally, but I hate it and make very little money. I am paid hourly at a desk job, and I want to leave in a year or two but have no idea what I would move on to. Should I try to take classes to go for a master's degree in accounting? The only thing is, I find accounting very boring. All I am really interested in is getting married. I feel like I don't remember the last time I worked hard for anything, even friendship. Maybe I don't work
  9. I think your sister should not try to over-extend herself if she's struggling in HS. If that's the case, she might not fare well living away from home for a year without getting some work experience while living at home first. Reason being is that working at a job makes you thick-skinned enough to be able fend for yourself enough to handle living elsewhere. Just tell her to get a part-time tutoring job. If she's super brilliant, she can figure out how to start her own SAT tutoring business. Just post a flyer in your local supermarkets. Then with her other time, she can volunteer and waitress.
  10. Yuban coffee (ground) from the supermarket. I make it in my coffee percolator at home with filtered water. When it's done, I add Bailey's creamer in french vanilla flavor. Not comparable to Starbucks, but it sure beats the price and does the job.
  11. Wow, that sounds very interesting. It's wonderful that you can branch off to so many different fields given that one degree.
  12. Thank you. That's very logical and kind of you. I do not put my GPA on my resume. One of the interviews was for a statistics-related position, but it was way over my head and I didn't want an MS in statistics, so I didn't get the job. Nursing. Well, I always had a deep respect for healthcare jobs because I'm super into physics & chemistry and love learning about the body. However, I met with a couple nurses, and the idea of inserting catheters into people and changing colostomy bags definitely turns me off. Perhaps pharmacy would have been a good idea 4 years ago. The thing is, I a
  13. Thanks, Teelee. I did get the impression that the real demand for nurses might not live up to the hype. Apparently, nursing schools are short staffed, so they can't even admit that many students and therefore it's very competitive to get into the program even. It might depend on where you live though.
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