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  1. And after we get this question answered I need some help on my quarterly taxes.
  2. I am not necessarily getting the "snobby" vibe because you frame it in your post as cheeky. But, I can certainly see where--after reading a serious SOP--problems might arise. The other posters who are suggesting a more serious conclusion are spot-on. I really don't think there's a "essay was too serious" penalty in SOPs, and if an adcomm sees your statement and perceives a lack of seriousness about your scholarship they will likely discard the essay and application.
  3. One way to frame it might be an an "alternative approach" deal. Talk about your interests in examining alternative theories of such and such (hegemonic) idea. I wouldn't recommend directly attacking (or criticizing) other scholars for the same reasons other posters have said. If you do go that route, frame it as being critical of an idea, not a person.
  4. This. I had the same exact experience. I found this forum in the fourth year of my Ph D program and couldn't believe some of the horror stories about grad school applications (and other issues too). I know they affect a relatively small proportion of applicants, but the bad stuff seems to often outweigh the good (or at least that's how I read into it.) I even found myself questioning how I managed to get into a reasonably well-respected doctoral program in my field (which is not soc, nor am I at KU). Also, learning how to meditate and practicing mindfulness are invaluable, especially for people living with anxiety and depression.
  5. Isn't this what would happen if fewer overall applicants sent higher numbers of applications out? I'd def buy into that idea.
  6. You should try and extract more money from the subject on account of having caused undue time loss on your behalf.
  7. It is funny how this thread has many posts that mimic both the GRE section in question, as well as the article that critiquing the GRE. Grad students never stop obsessing about modeling and simulating the world. This is somewhat tangential to the (very specific) topic at hand, but in reading over this thread and remembering when I took the GRE (in Nov. of 2002, three weeks after the AW section was added---and programs I applied to didn't bother with the score, preferring to just use writing samples as a much better proxy), the GRE has become a real crapshow. I am aware that the test is used as a screening device for certain very basic skills that are an absolute requirement for success in graduate school; eliminating applicants who fail basic math is essential if AdComs expect to admit students planning on doing, I dunno, maximum likelihood estimation. I can see a similar view for the reading/writing portions of the exam, but at the same time standardizing language abilities is absurd. And reading comprehension? Please. When was the last time an adviser handed an article to a student, gave instructions to read a few passages, and then abruptly removed the article from the students eyes. Forever. That is not the brand of comprehension required for success as a scholar, and certainly not in graduate seminars, where groups students spend long periods of time analyzing and critiquing research, using as much available data, figures, and context as possible. I am aware of a couple of top ten programs in my field (it is not the one I list on my profile) that more or less follow university guidelines for GRE minimums, and beyond that consider GRE scores as a predictor of student success to a very minimal degree. Perhaps that is the future of the test?
  8. So what ended up happening with this situation? Did you re-apply?
  9. Hawai'i f*cked me for the same reason when i applied for my MA. I get the feeling that no one knows what the hell they're doing over there. Not getting into UH is a benefit to you, though.
  10. I am not reading all that.
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