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  1. I'm curious if anyone knows of any books or movies or tv shows where the main character(s) is/are (a) grad student(s) and it actually is a major plot point or something followed closely throughout. I know there is a lot of stuff about high school and college . . . so why not grad school? And yeah, i know, because grad students don't have time to read, but I actually will next month!
  2. It has been a long time since I've even come onto the grad café. Moving to London and starting grad school has really taken any free time I used to have to just surf the web and engulfed it, but I am incredibly happy about that. First term has finished and I am now progressing into my second round of courses before I hit the heavy 4 months of dissertation writing that is to come in the spring. I'm more excited about finally getting to do some research but also nervous about the prospect of finding a supervisor, and actually working on it all. Something which has been on my mind lately i
  3. I'm currently in a Master's program in a field I am very passionate about. It's a course-based Masters, although I will have a research project at the end of it (although it is more heavily weighted towards being a fairly comprehensive literature review with a small sample size study tacked on), and while I am enjoying my classes and am interested in the topic I really wish I had embarked on something more related to my personal interest in doing research. Unfortunately my undergraduate grades didn't really allow for me to take on that option immediately, but I think it is possible I could fin
  4. My program is course based where I am doing 4 classes a semester for 2 semesters, then I have 4 months to work on my dissertation. It's also a Master's program, which is why I was so surprised about the amount of time they expected us to work on things outside of the classroom. If it were a Ph.D. program where I was doing research then I would be expecting to work this much, but not for a course based master's program where I am only in classes or labs 16 hours a week. I spoke with some friends this evening, other Masters students but none in my program and I was reminded that that much w
  5. I had induction for my course this week and they were suggesting that I needed to put in 180 hours of work (including lab time, in course time, and course work) per semester per course for my Master's. In the 11 weeks of the semester that equals to about 65 hours per week. I spoke to a Ph.D. student who had just graduated from my course and she said "Say goodbye to your friends for 12 months. You'll have fun but you won't have time for them." My cohort is all professionals excluding myself and another student. It's not a bad thing, but it is definitely intimidating. Needless to say th
  6. It depends on your student Visa. Fuzzy mentioned the restrictions on a US Visa, and I know the UK Visa is similar. You can work 20 hours a week during school, and then 40 hours during holidays and on internships, but it is not restricted to only on campus work.
  7. Canadian universities are very stringent with their GPA requirements when it comes to applying to grad school. Through my applications I felt as though they didn't even bother looking at the rest of my application because my GPA was not what they wanted. Even in a not very competitive program. UK and European universities tend to be a bit more forgiving, looking at the whole package rather than just the GPA. If you're a well rounded application you'll stand a chance of getting in. I firmly believe my very passionate Statement of Purpose was what got me my acceptance in the UK.
  8. None of the poll options apply to me. I am living in my own en-suite room in university halls designated for postgraduate students. No roommates, but I'm sharing a kitchen with several other people.
  9. I'm at your pre-qutting Diet Coke stage, although I only drink 2-3 12 oz cans a day. But I know the feeling of cravings. I don't drink coffee myself, and I am too lazy to make tea as often as I would like to drink it. I'm hoping doing my graduate studies in England will help me get more into tea drinking and less into soda drinking.
  10. If you can I would recommend waiting a couple of months for the cell phone plan. The law changed recently so that 3 year contract plans are now illegal, but it doesn't come into effect until December 2nd. I don't have any suggestions for what to do until that time, but it'll be easier on you not having a 3 year contract - believe me.
  11. It is a little under 12 months, but not by much. I start courses on September 30th 2013 and finish my dissertation by August 31st 2014.
  12. Right in Central London, in halls. It's a tad expensive, but much easier than sending a deposit to a stranger for an apartment I hadn't seen.
  13. I'm going to be attending a Human-Centered Systems program in the Fall, coming from a Psychology background. I am hoping to get into UX once I finish, maybe eventually doing consulting when I have a breadth of knowledge in the field (I'm thinking 10 years time, maybe more). Anyone else going into the field? Where are you going to be/where are you applying to? Plans after graduation?
  14. I'm also really curious about this, anyone have any information?
  15. My program is only 1 year so I'm just going to go home at the end of it, otherwise I'll spend my money and holidays travelling elsewhere. I doubt I'll ever get a chance to be in Europe or England for an extended amount of time ever again so I'm taking advantage of it even though there will be the sacrifice of not seeing my family.
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