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  1. rajbanshi49

    Can anyone tell me?

    I am thinking to do my master degree from abroad. But I have to work to support my financial condition and I don't have proper knowledge about working hour for students in abroad. Does anyone have any information about this?
  2. rajbanshi49

    Planning to study abroad!!

    I have planning to study abroad and just got the information about Charles Darwin University, Australia but I am not sure about the offering of the university. Has anyone have looked into this before?
  3. rajbanshi49

    About Forum?

    If anyone can tell me, generally what this forum is all about. Is it only about education or else more are included in it? I am looking for a business forum. Any suggestion will be appreciated!!
  4. rajbanshi49

    About higher education

    I have just completed my plus 2 (+2) level & wanted to study further about computer science. But I am confuse about the scope of this field. I don't have any idea about any universities tha offer this subject matter. If anyone could give any suggestion?

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