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  1. Hi all, Needless to say grad school has been pretty tough thus far. It isn't necessarily the work that is so treacherous as it is other life issues (moving across the country, adjusting to living alone, being away from partner, adapting to a completely different culture, etc.) I am taking about 15 credits this quarter (no research or teaching obligations) of which two are the standard, non-departmental foundational courses for public health (biostatistics and epidemiology). I'm doing reasonably on biostatistics with room for improvement but with epi I just completely tanked the midterm with
  2. Wow, very similar circumstances happened in my case. I had a "Patricia", who was my best friend/colleague and milked me for information to use for her advantage in getting a really prestigious summer internship. I could never imagine doing what she did to her. I try not to be hardened, and I'm pretty much over it until topics arise which remind me of it, but ultimately it has taught me to always be cautious and guarded, especially when there is an element of competition amongst "friends".
  3. This is where you are mistaken. The primary goal of industrial hygienists coming out of my graduate program is not spearheading OSHA laws or merely being 'safety inspectors' (needless to say those jobs only require an associates degree and relevant experience), but to actively work on prevention of workplace accidents. Very different concepts. The surge of wokers comp claims have rose dramatically within the Great recession so employers are looking to hire IH's, specifically if they have a specialty in ergonomics and risk assessment, to reduce barriers to safety in the workplace initially, not
  4. Ditto. That's the only thing that crosses my mind when pondering if I am making the correct decision to move from coast to coast.
  5. I beg to differ. The reality is that most professional-level jobs are not advertised over the internet. Especially when you add in PhD to your search, the overwhelming majority of PhDs in those fields don't go on careerbuilder or even send a resume'---they are actively recruited before they graduate. To gauge there is only a demand for roughly 28 toxicology PhDs when there are hundreds which graduate every year would effectively put some of them into unemployment, which is obviously not the case. I'd also have to disagree. Again, nanotechnology is not marketable in a theoretical sense
  6. That is appalling!! When you have those people controlling the majority of the thought, it is really a testament of why more diversity is needed in academia.
  7. I know I'm going to veer off a bit from the seeming consensus on this thread thus far, but I personally wouldn't do exactly what the email suggested. To me, it is acceptable (and encouraged) to discuss articles read or even read them together before the seminar, but sharing your own written work will not bode well for you, especially if you may want to turn those summaries into a literature reviews for a publication or a chapter of your thesis/dissertation. No diss to your classmate obviously, but his motive was definitely clear to me, because if he truly wanted to "understand" the material mo
  8. I don't know too much about the financial field, but if hedge-fund modeling is something you want to do, that in itself is very research-based and not necessary management-based where work experience is the big factor. Again I'm no authority, but I would assume you'll have a much better opportunity in that quant of a field with a PhD and a few relevant publications under your belt rather than a freshly-minted MBA, especially if it isn't from a top 7 program. Given the financial crisis, it seems that more advanced math/stats PhDs are becoming more marketable than an MBA. Is there anyone in your
  9. Dal! I'm so sorry I didn't read your comment before posting my own. But you essentially summed up exactly what I was thinking and I commend you for breaking mold in your family; I'm the first one to pursue graduate school in my own. Although my family is definitely better off now, we also went through a period of pretty bad suffering especially throughout high school and college when my parents divorced. It was rough, and in college I didn't have the luxury of calling home to my mother for money as my friends did. Like a previous poster I've also had to take out loans in order to help my mo
  10. *Thread hijack* I find it quite ironic how you preface your assertion by stating a qualifier "I taught high school in an inner city district". You may have "taught" in an inner city district, but it seems to me you have failed to really teach yourself about your students and the circumstances of their surroundings outside of the confines of your classroom. To suggest a "big" part of the achievement gap is due to poor students making "bad" choices really ticks me off. No, a BIGGER part of the achievement gap is having privileged people come into inner cities, 8-5, leave the classroom and go
  11. Exactly! It was pretty impressive until you hit "I went to work for the family business"
  12. This! If I were to be judged based upon my spending habits I would be dirt poor. If you know where to look, it is very easy to find last minute airfare, trips, cruises or anything you want on a bargain. I am a huge shopper, but only shop for 70% or more off the original price on nearly everything I buy. My whole room (shared townhome) is furnished with stuff from the "as-is" clearance isle at bed bath and beyond. Sure, you have to dry clean the curtains, wash the sheets, deal with a scratch on the dish, but it is worth it having high quality, expensive furnishings for way less than the low
  13. Apart of me really hates that my program starts super late (September 24th)! Ughhh...just anxious to get started and going!
  14. How often do you eat out? That is quite a bit for a single person, but I guess it depends on your location.
  15. Great point that I completely overlooked! I'm in a hard science field which is fairly straight forward sans knowing how to do fairly complicated risk models. But I have noticed even with my social science work that some articles are just complex and overly verbose for the sake of sounding "intellectual". In the words of Albert Einstein, "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough"
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