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  1. I emailed earlier this week and all they said was: "Notifications will be sent electronically this week to all applicants. The NRC Fellowships Office Ford Program Staff" This was on the 2nd.
  2. I too am waiting to hear back. Good luck everyone!
  3. tauren

    Penn State

    Has everyone moved and gotten settled? I can't believe classes will be starting so soon!
  4. I tried to work in a variety of different labs in order to figure out what I would like. A clinical health lab, developmental lab focusing on adolescents development as well as decision making research, another developmental lab focusing on successful aging. I attempted to get into a behavior analysis lab, but couldn't find any opening. My point is trying different types of research can be very helpful in figuring out what excites you and bores you to tears.
  5. I wanted to say at one university I was at taxes were automatically taken out. For my fellowship,however, taxes are not taken out but they are taxable (this was stressed by the director that not reporting the stipend as income is fraud) and like SeriousSillyPutty, we're supposed to pay estimated taxes to keep from owing a lot come April 15. I'm guessing as mentioned above if all funds are solely for academics then it is not taxable, however living stipends are.
  6. Some programs let you waive a few course credits and sometimes your master's thesis (if you did one), so you may shave a year off. I am currently doing this come Fall. I'm leaving my current PhD program for another and will be getting my masters and I am hoping to shave a year off and be done in 3 years for my next program. It's all really program specific as well as case-by-case I would imagine.
  7. tauren

    Penn State

    Thanks! I hope all goes well for you too (in the warmer weather).
  8. tauren

    Penn State

    I'll be moving in August. I look forward to this next step, but not to getting my cat to drive 3 1/2 hours in my car for the trip..
  9. tauren

    Penn State

    Hopefully more of us come out of the wood works and maybe we can start a Facebook group or some thing so we can all connect. I'm still looking for a place to live. I don't know if I'm looking too early or all the good places are taken, but I'm having little luck.
  10. I have no answer but I can sympathize. Me and my SO of 7 years are uncertain about living arrangements because he currently works the majority of the week out of state (since about Nov), but we aren't sure if he will still have the job in the Fall. If he gets a job in our current town, he plans on staying, if he keeps his current job then he'll move his stuff with mine and stay on weekends with me like now. But we haven't discussed if he ends up jobless (besides him being in real estate) in our current town, though. I'm guessing we would do a LDR, but we haven't actually discussed this in depth. =\
  11. I meant that it's becoming more common, so it's not as much as a leg up in the past.
  12. I am receiving my MS in May, I'm leaving my current PhD program, and I got rejected from 4 of my 5 schools. I think a masters only really helps if you don't have a background in psych or did subpar in undergrad and want to prove that you can handle the course work. Also at the one school I interviewed at, a large portion of the applicants had masters or will have them in May, making having a masters not all that beneficial in admissions.
  13. I emailed my POI to tell her directly that I would be accepting the offer. She called me to chat right after she got the email.
  14. Hopefully some of those don't occur simulatenously.
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