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  1. I applied, but I didn't get the interview, so I'm afraid I'm not much help there lol! It's getting a little stressful lol! I have no idea which side of the country I'm going to end up on or even about when I would start grad school.
  2. Lincoln Park is fairly pricey but very nice... I would look into Edgewater (the most affordable, off the red line), Lakeview (lots of bars) or perhaps Andersonville, although Lakeview and Andersonville are more expensive, they are fun. I know a lot of DePaul students live in Uptown (but personally I'm not as big of a fan of Uptown - a little less safe).
  3. On the whole did-people-hear back bandwagon, did everyone hear back from Stanford BMI? I still haven't heard anything back, so I am a little confused...
  4. Hmm. Uptown isn't too bad, but is a little sketchy. I live right north of it in Edgewater. If you're going to UIC - Uptown is going to be a pain in the ass without a car (you'll have to take the red line into the loop and the blue line west). If you're looking for a hip area that's easy to get to UIC, I would pick Logan Square or Wicker Park (but they are a little on the pricier side). I've been living in Chicago for most of my life, so if you have any questions - let me know =)
  5. Never mind- saw on the results database. Will be an interesting week - the first round may go out soon then.
  6. Hmm. For bmi or for biology? I saw someone on the biology forum say they were accepted- is that the same for bmi?
  7. Accepted to Yale CBB :). The rest of the programs should be going out now
  8. Accepted to Columbia University - Biomedical Informatics =)
  9. I went to UChicago and Northwestern, both of which have 3 weekends. Got accepted after the first one - but I think it depends on the school.
  10. Accepted to University of Chicago- GGSB, Computational Track
  11. Accepted at Northwestern DGP- Biomedical Informatics Track.
  12. Acceptance to report! University of Washington- biomedical informatics!
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