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  1. I am currently finishing my master degree in Berlin and I am really enjoying the city. Living expenses are very cheap in comparison to other major cities in Europe. Maybe similar to Barcelona, but definitely cheaper than Vienna. Your rent will be the defining factor of living cost, and depending on how you want to live, the price range can vary widely. Food (groceries and eating out), however, is very cheap. Berlin is a really big city, but public transport is good and it is easy to get around the city. The monthly pass for everything (bus, tram, subway, trains) is normally around 80 euros, it
  2. First off, I am not as competitive applicant as most people here and applied to some lower rank program. I have been accepted to Buffalo, rejected by Georgetown and Penn State, waitlisted by Delaware. However I have also been accepted to an Erasmus Master program and I think I am taking that offer and maybe come back to apply for better PhD positions after finishing my masters. I guess since its fully funded and I am really interested in the program anyway, it will be worth it..
  3. @LibbyCreek Thanks! I am very excited about the offer, too! I am still considering the offer but by now it looks like I am going to take it. I've got another offer directly to PhD but I don't think the research and program fits me as well. I am still waiting to hear back from one school but not feeling good about it anyway. I am taking the neuropharmacology track since I am coming from pharmacy background. And yes, they told me that the offer comes with the Erasmus Partner Country Scholarship
  4. Hi @LibbyCreek, I have just received my unofficial acceptance offer. They said that they just need the European Agency to validate their selection result to make it official. The EACEA will check the eligibility of candidates regarding the European rules (i.e. citizenship, nb of applications to other EMJMD programs, beneficiaries of other EU grants) but does not review the ranking of candidates established by the Selection committee on the basis of candidates’ academic excellence. So, as long as we are eligible for the scholarship according to the rules, the unofficial result will be officiall
  5. I've also been told that the official decision will be out "soon, possibly in the next few weeks" aaaaand it has been four weeks with no news at all..
  6. @LibbyCreek I applied to Neurasmus program and have also been told that the unofficial result will come earlier (end of February in my case), while the official ones will be out in May. So what they said in my interview was that they would make their list of students they accept to the program that they are going to send out to the central Erasmus scholarship committee who needs to approve, sign, and put their stamps on the documents to make them official. I have also found no online forum where erasmus is being talked about a lot, especially the program I applied to.
  7. I agree with many opinion you've read that this is the school's way to gather money. I have read and see that many schools offers unfunded MA for PhD applicants for international students because a) many of them accept the offer after feeling down about the whole process b ) some of them are actually willing to spend huge amounts of money for the chance to be in a great US school, and of course c) the tuition for international student is much higher than domestic. I don't really think it is a bad practice since it is a win-win for both party if the student is okay with paying the tuition, etc.
  8. Anyone applied to and heard back from either Penn State MCIBS or Georgetown Biochem? Submitted my app back on November but I still haven't got anything from them till now.
  9. @HiFiWiFi I am in a pretty similar situation. My top choice program said that they would have decision in the next few weeks when I contacted them. That was more than three weeks ago. My feeling is that I am waitlisted, but I just want to know it if I really am. While another school that has accepted me told me that they really hope I could give them my decision before February ends. Ugh, I also wish I could make my decision before the month ends but these other schools just won't let me know anything....
  10. I wish I know how many weeks exactly is "a few weeks" when it comes to emails from from adcoms. It has been almost three weeks since they said they will have their decision in the next few weeks and realizing that four, six, or eight weeks could still be considered a few weeks for some is just...

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      lol sorry, not to laugh and be insensitive but lol!!

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      @DBear I know, I am laughing, too. Nervous laughter as each week goes by :unsure:

  11. @AP Yes I think you are right, the story is quite different between state school that mainly uses federal funds and private school. I guess I don't know much when it comes to private schools because I mainly apply to state schools and have heard that while they are considering my application against the whole applicant pool, the fact that they could only admit limited number of international students makes them compare international applicants in their own pool, too. Some international applicants does goes to the US, but then again it also depends on where you are from, I think. Applicant
  12. @SEAsianIntl Haha, not too worry, it's just because I've researched quite a bit about the scholarship too Yes you're right, I'm very grateful for having the ability to say no in the first place. Congratulations on yours, too!
  13. Someone might have posted the dates in this thread: http://forum.thegradcafe.com/topic/85334-2017-interview-dates/
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