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  1. Just got a call from a professor at UCSF that I got into Tetrad
  2. Got named a Dean's Fellow at Columbia. No additional funding but nice title, I guess?
  3. Just got the email from Columbia Biological Sciences - Accepted!!
  4. Just got into Univ of Michigan PIBS - CMB!
  5. Annoying that the person I spoke with told me otherwise, but that gives me hope
  6. I agree. I'd rather just know so I can move on with my life than sit with my own suspicions...
  7. Called MIT Biology and the lady said all invites were sent out Saturday :s
  8. Me too ? but followed up with good news – an invite from Rockefeller!
  9. I called today and the lady said I'd hear back in the next week, but couldn't disclose if the notification would be an interview offer or not. ?
  10. Anyone know the post-interview acceptance rate for Columbia Biological Sciences?
  11. I called their office and they told me to call back if I hadn't heard back by Mid-January so that was vague lol. The MCB website says it's rolling so there's that to keep in mind
  12. Does anyone know if all invitees for Berkeley's MCB program will get contacted by a professor before the official email? Anxiously awaiting for them to email me ?
  13. Yeah, it's a Saturday ? and that sounds like a plan to me. I moved my weekend since it would conflict with Rockefeller, so I wanted to change it now just in case.
  14. It's the 24-27, I believe. The other one is the 2/2-2/5. Call Toni Hurley and talk to her about the potential conflict and she should be able to help you out. I recall that the 2nd day is the most important one because thats the interview day. The following days are encouraged but not mandatory, I believe. I had to change my weekend to 2/2 and she was very helpful.
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