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  1. Thanks for the thorough response DanielWarlock. Bayequentist is correct though that I'm not looking to do a PhD in anything other than Bioinformatics. Meaning, with respect to statistics programs, I'm only interested in masters. I have thought about MBAs, but imo for my path they're superfluous and a waste of $$ (and others seem to be thinking similarly with the decline in MBA apps ). For linear algebra, I haven't taken it for credit, but I have completed 18.06 on MIT's opencourseware. So, the question is: which stats MS make the most sense given my background with less formal math
  2. Hi all, I'm currently applying to a mix of PhD and MS programs in bioinformatics as well as a few MS in statistics and would love an evaluation of my profile. Here's my background: Majored in neuroscience and completed the pre-med curriculum because thought I wanted to be a physician. After college, I decided to try something other than medicine before committing to that path, and I ended up at a startup whose core product is a matching algorithm. Quickly after joining, I realized I was more interested in data-focused work and population level impact than I was clinical medicine, so I dou
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