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  1. In my case, I already contacted some PIs whom I want to do my rotations. I think it is better they know beforehand that you're interested in working with them for your rotations and probably for your thesis. Sometimes, they accept a certain number of students per rotation so it's better to contact them early. One of the PIs that I contacted told me that I could rotate in her lab at the start of the Fall semester. However, if you're still undecided which lab to rotate I think you will have a chance to meet all of the PIs and know their research projects. From there you can start to select. Hope it helps.
  2. I am an international applicant. I got 3/7 acceptance. Yes, it is very hard for international applicants to compete for slots with US applicants. Just saying.
  3. I've been accepted to Penn State Plant Biology program!
  4. Just received a rejection from UMinnesota MCDBG.
  5. I have interview also in Penn State early Feb!
  6. You can email the program coordinator. I was also feeling the same thing when I don't receive any emails from schools. But when I emailed the program coordinators, some of them are still evaluating my application and will let me know the result. So there is still hope! :-)
  7. Did anyone hear news from the following universities? UMinnesota-MCDBG UMichigan- MCDB UPenn-Biology WUSTL-MGG USC-MolBio
  8. I just got accepted for an interview at Penn State U Plant Biology Ph.D. program. Happy New year!
  9. Are they gonna send out invitations even after holidays? Still hoping.
  10. Mine is Molecular Genetics and Genomics. Haven't heard from them....
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