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  1. In my case, I already contacted some PIs whom I want to do my rotations. I think it is better they know beforehand that you're interested in working with them for your rotations and probably for your thesis. Sometimes, they accept a certain number of students per rotation so it's better to contact them early. One of the PIs that I contacted told me that I could rotate in her lab at the start of the Fall semester. However, if you're still undecided which lab to rotate I think you will have a chance to meet all of the PIs and know their research projects. From there you can start to select. Hope it helps.
  2. I am an international applicant. I got 3/7 acceptance. Yes, it is very hard for international applicants to compete for slots with US applicants. Just saying.
  3. I've been accepted to Penn State Plant Biology program!
  4. Just received a rejection from UMinnesota MCDBG.
  5. I have interview also in Penn State early Feb!
  6. You can email the program coordinator. I was also feeling the same thing when I don't receive any emails from schools. But when I emailed the program coordinators, some of them are still evaluating my application and will let me know the result. So there is still hope! :-)
  7. Did anyone hear news from the following universities? UMinnesota-MCDBG UMichigan- MCDB UPenn-Biology WUSTL-MGG USC-MolBio
  8. I just got accepted for an interview at Penn State U Plant Biology Ph.D. program. Happy New year!
  9. Are they gonna send out invitations even after holidays? Still hoping.
  10. Mine is Molecular Genetics and Genomics. Haven't heard from them....
  11. Same here. What program at DBBS did you apply to?
  12. What about those internationals residing in the US? Do they include them for an interview at the same time as the US citizens?
  13. Does anyone heard about UMinnesota MCDBG program?
  14. So you should ask recommendation from those people that will make your application stronger whether it is less or more than 3 recommendations.
  15. Maximize all the recommendation letters you can have. If the program says until 5 recommendations. Just do it!
  16. Cool! I have not heard about the Molecular Genetics and Genomics major.
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