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  1. Hey, I'll be an MSPPM student too! Not going to move until the last possible second so I can squeeze as many paychecks out of my current employer as is feasible, but I'm going to be living with my freshman year roommate from my undergrad. I'm brushing up on my quant skills too (currently taking stats and then a pre-calc summer crash course), but my enrollment was conditional. What's your area of focus? I'm interested in environmental policy, as I work at an environmental advocacy non-profit right now.
  2. I've tried to measure the debt I'm willing to take on against what I'll likely make out of school, which one of the main reasons why I chose CMU with a 60% scholarship.
  3. Does anyone here have much familiarity with environmental policy courses at CMU? I'm leaning very heavily towards attending the Pittsbrugh 2 year track in the fall with the intention of taking the envi. policy concentration. Thanks!
  4. Got a small scholarship offer from Syracuse about an hour ago via email.
  5. Man, still can't believe I've heard anything about funding. It's difficult to plan out my summer until I know whether or not Maxwell is on the table given that this program starts in July.
  6. I'll probably go to CMU, but they are requiring that I take stats + pre-calc or college algebra before enrolling. In stats right now. Terrified that I won't be able to hack it with the quantitative work load is going to kill me, but we will see.
  7. I recieved an answer to my question regarding the 3.5 GPA requirement: "In regards to the 3.5 GPA, I would say 90% of our funding recipients renew their funding for a second year. The award retention rate is quite high."
  8. I'm really having a hard time deciding if taking out all these loans for Heinz is worth it, even with the 50% tuition scholarship.
  9. I'm waiting for any funding offer from Syracuse Maxwell before also submitting that form. I received a 50% tuition scholarship from Heinz. I'm not scared of taking out more loans to pay for Heinz if it means a better job + more job options fresh out of graduate school, but I guess I just don't know that that is necessarily the case. Also, I'm worried that the 3.5 GPA requirement from Pitt's offer will be pretty prohibitive and stressful. I need to see if Pitt is willing to give me percentile information for GSPIA student GPAs. Still, Heinz = $45K~ in loans GSPIA = $6K in loans.
  10. This is 100% me. However my scholarship is contingent on maintaining a 3.5+ GPA, and I'm not sure how difficult that is.
  11. I received a $9000/semester tuition scholarship from Pitt, wow! Because I qualify for in-state tuition I'd have very little in the way of debt. I thought I was set on CMU Heinz (speaking of Pittsburgh), but that's a very compelling offer. Even with the good scholarship offer I got from CMU, I'd still owe like 8x more money.
  12. 50% tuition scholarship from Heinz! I'll probably accept, I'm so excited
  13. I got in too! Even without funding it's certainly a cheaper program than Maxwell or Heinz. From what I gather those are both *better* programs, but I'm not sure how much that is true.
  14. Alright if I don't get a letter by the end of the week I'll make peace with the fact that Heinz is probably a no go for me. Until then, F5ing my email inbox until the cows come home! Although it would be a little surprising if I got rejected by Heinz when Syracuse's Maxwell School accepted me, since they seem more or less on par with each other in terms of competitiveness.
  15. Anyone else here waiting for a letter one way or the other? Just seeing who else out there who applied bedfore the deadline didn't hear back.
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