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  1. I know it's such a difficult choice right? Those two programs literally are the opposite (huge/tiny, tons of labs/a few but really edge-cutting, ivy/no undergrad, NYC/Boston). I'm kind of a bioinformatics guy so it would really end up with a choice between dry and wet. I saw your interest is in neuroscience? I'm not sure about this field but I would guess RU is one of the best places. But it really depends on who you wanna work with. How do you think about those two? so far?
  2. Thank you for the info! Although people here might not directly benefit, it is worth doing for those much younger students. You guys can learn more about this program on bcs.mit.edu/postbacc.
  3. Saw your original post which is so sweet. I'm also going to take an apart relationship with my girlfriend since both of us are in the same field (biology, same as you), but the programs we got accepted, which include both of our top choices, literally have no overlap. Not even one close to another. As you did, we decided to prioritize our career, well, since there is no other choice. But I really hope we can work this out like you two did. Thank you for sharing your encouraging story! Best wishes for both of you.
  4. Don't worry. Lots of my friends didn't heard anything today. I guess it's just because it's too late in EST. There would be way more tomorrow. It would be weird if only 3 of this forum got the acceptance. Cross fingers for everyone on this thread!
  5. Got an offer via a phone call from BBS. Good luck to everyone!
  6. Thanks! Not exactly... I did receive one rejection letter from Department of Biology that day but I don't know whether it comes from the MIT Biology Program or CSB.
  7. Got an email from MIT CSBi offering an interview for the next weekend !!!??? Do not lose your hope too early guys. I guess there is indeed a waiting list.
  8. Nothing happened to me today. Did you guys heard about anything?
  9. That sounds like good news to me. At least you are not on your own now. You got some higher but reasonable professors trying to help you. And you got us.
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