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  1. Hi everyone, I am mostly looking at four programs that accepted me in Computational Biology: Berkeley, UCSF, UChicago, Columbia Never studied or interned at any of them before so I am hoping to know more about them outside the website~ I am most likely in academia, but I wonder for Computational Biology in general, which school might be a best fit, and what to avoid. In general as far as I know: Berkeley great for bio and cs. young. in Bay. UCSF top biomed. expensive but in Bay. less known in pan-science than biomed.
  2. Do you mean there might be another round of interview invite for BIG? I wonder are those people on the waitlist, are they already interviewed but not receiving acceptance yet, or those who haven't received interview invites~ Thanks!
  3. Anyone hear back from Brown University's Computational Biology? I heard they have very few slots. Not sure where the admissions is at now.
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