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  1. I already got a decision notification within ~week of my interview. However, the director said that some of the sub-committees may be moving along a bit more slowly than others.
  2. Just got an interview from them today. I submitted my application 1 day before the deadline if that gives you any idea as to where they currently are in reviewing applications.
  3. UNC Chapel Hill BBSP appears to have sent out another wave of notifications.
  4. I was wondering if withdrawing from a class would look bad on a gradate school application. In my case, I intend to apply to programs in genetics or computational biology. Currently, I am a sophomore enrolled in a full course load of all STEM courses, and do upwards of 20 hours of research of week in a lab. I am planning on dropping my Euclidean and Non-Euclidean geometry class and was wondering if this would reflect poorly on my application. I am neither a math major or minor, so this course has no bearing on my planned majors or minors. This workload has just proven to be too much for me, and I was considering withdrawing from the class so that I could devote more attention to my remaining classes. For reference, this class is filled primarily with junior and senior math majors, and I am almost sure I am the only non-math major in that class right now.
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