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  1. Robbentheking

    Retake GRE for top stat schools?

    I think so. If you barely prepared for the test, you should not too painfully be able to increase the quant a few valuable points. Getting into a PhD at "top schools" may be challenging depending on your definition of top schools, but I think you have a place somewhere for sure.
  2. Holy shit dude. I feel so bad for you. I'm pretty surprised that even with your past health problems more schools didn't take a chance on you given this fact alone.
  3. Don't you think it's overkill though? you got into a bunch of places OP would presumably like to go with a similar profile as OP currently has (i.e. without it).
  4. I think you're wasting your time to take the Math GRE for MS admissions, unless you think you want to do a PhD later and will remember more in a couple of months than in a couple of years. It's just a lot of review for someone who took computational level calculus years ago. It's also pretty hard to get a good score, because most people who take it are applying to math PhD programs (I know this doesn't seem align with my previous sentence haha) . That said, it would be impressive if you did well. I just think there are better uses of your time. I'd apply to a range of places, but definitely take a couple swings at the top places (Stanford, Berkeley, Chicago). I'd be pretty surprised if schools ranked around 20 rejected you. Keep in mind what you want out of this degree, as it will inform specific school choices. If you look at previous posts I've made similar to this one, you'll get a rundown of what I mean by this.
  5. Robbentheking

    2017 Admissions General

    Yeah, I got one a couple weeks ago
  6. Robbentheking

    Gambler's Ruin Quiestioned

    I'm not sure I understand exactly what the strategy you're proposing is, but this doesn't seem to make any sense. Are you saying that if you wait until 3 or 4 evens in a row come up, you will have probability 31/32 of winning on the next round? This just isn't how probability works. The rounds are all independent of each other.
  7. Robbentheking

    Masters in Applied Statistics UMichigan

    I think almost everyone on here will agree that it's not going to help you get into PhD programs
  8. Not saying this is bs per se, but of course finmath department at NYU is going to say that, just from a marketing perspective. For sure. Didn't mean to come on too strong. Certainly in math I think it's near impossible to get to the top of a subfield without devoting your life to it. Anecdotally, I had a professor in undergrad that told me that he was spending 24 hours/week on each math course he took by the time he was a senior at Harvard. This guy was a seriously smart guy, had that level of commitment, and ended up struggling like everyone else in math to get a professorship. You likely know this given your interest in finance, but check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Burry if you haven't. Cool example of a smart guy dabbling in something at a high level.
  9. This sounds good, especially the drive to self study, although the deeper theorems in the Topology book are probably not super relevant to the courses you'd be taking as a stats grad. You probably be better off just mastering Rudin, if you can stomach it. Definitely work to improve the GRE score, and maybe take the math GRE too if you want to show off your ability. This rubs me the wrong way a bit though. Seems like quite the assumption imo...
  10. Well, my general impression of quantitative finance (disclaimer: I have't worked in it), is that if you want to just jump from theoretical math/statistics to getting hired, you need to be a beast at your subfield. Otherwise, I think it's much better to be able to get shit done (read: be good at programming). What is the approximate rank of your undergrad institution? what textbooks did you use for analysis/algebra? what did you cover? I agree that you seem to be better suited to statistics departments than CS departments, but just know that there will be people with stronger math backgrounds as you applying, especially at somewhere like Chicago.
  11. Robbentheking

    Biostat: UW vs Upenn?

    I can't comment on the programs, but I grew up in Philly. I think the city is great personally. Great mix of old and new. Many good restaurants. Great art museum. Access to outdoors with Fairmount park/east river drive. If you are willing to live within 15 min of campus, there's a diversity of neighborhoods to choose from that (I think) should be pretty affordable. I'd imagine most Penn grad students live in West Philly, which isn't the nicest area for sure, but that's really not a must if you're wiling to take a bus.
  12. Robbentheking

    Non-STEM --> Business School --> MFE?MEM?

    I'd ask quantnet this same question. How much math have you had at this point? I'd think for most of the top MFE programs you need at minimum the undergrad calc sequence, linear algebra, maybe a calc-based probability course, and some ability in a programming language.
  13. Robbentheking

    MS Statistics Programs Still Open

    Good shout, but I have heard some not so great things about the program. OP: If you search around these forums, there are a couple of threads you should read
  14. Robbentheking

    2017 Admissions General

    What even is this process? Seems like a strange way of tackling 300+ applicants
  15. Robbentheking

    2017 Admissions General

    I'm totally with you on that. If you look back a Michigan results last year, the acceptances seemed not to all come at once, assuming we can trust people to report this kind of data correctly.

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