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  1. Thanks seeking. My concern is that it may take a while to get the certificate from the USA
  2. Hello folks I just wanted to get some information (immigration wise) about getting a canadian study permit after studying in USA? Will you need to get a police certificate from the USA to present to the visa officer? I am from Trinidad and Tobago by the way. I welcome all comments and advice!
  3. @mgmasters. First and foremost do not be too despondent about this. Graduate programs in Canada tend to evaluate your candidacy by looking at the academic performance in the last two years for your undergraduate work. Once your GPA in those final two years equated to a minimum of a B or even better a B+ you should be considered. Also you have to remember that there other components to the application i.e LOR's, statement of interest, resume) that you can use as a collateral to enhance your chances to getting admitted. For US programs on the other hand, they normally will look at the entire bod
  4. @shari. Ok. How has your experience in canada been thus far? have you been enjoying the country?
  5. No from Trinidad and Tobago. I am eligible to apply online?
  6. Hello Is anyone familiar with the process of retrieving a Canadian study permit? How was the process? What are the chances of getting denied?
  7. hello foucaultmania. the award is $40,000 per year and is renewable for up to four years.
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