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  1. okie..thank you..But if you were to choose any 4 then what would have been your choices..I am going through the websites regularly but i also want to make sure that i dont end up getting admission in a wrong college due to lack of communication or any other inhibiting measure..So just being a bit wary..
  2. I am working on flex and by research i mean no journals etc..I have worked on projects and i wish to work on software engineering and human-machine interface(as in smart phone apps which can be developed further for the use of army personnel in adverse conditions).. No iEEE standard journal or national research paper..
  3. I wish to get admission in a Canadian University.. No research work..Worked on mobile apps with flex and php and software engineering stuff..databases and all. B+ or 7 and more of GPA on regular scale.. GRE score 1300 and Toefl score of 105. Universities that i prefer in decreasing order.. University of Toronto,Mcgill University. University of Alberta University of Victoria and Queens university University of sasketchewan. please tell me if i have a chance of admission in these universities..Computer Science department.
  4. A topic without argument is like a football match without a ball..

  5. Anyone who can help me regarding admission process and other brotherly advice..I really don't want to land in Canada and repent all of my life but i wish to make the most of my time and career.. Universities in Canada and particularly which are good for Computer Science and Engineering students..Any kind of information or advice is appreciable.
  6. I wish to be a part of a good University in Canada(fall 2012).. What all should i keep in mind (and out of my mind) to be admitted to a good universities ranging from Mcgill University or UofT to university of Alberta (I mean good and average)..I have to keep in mind that they do not make me shed loads (<10,000 $ including everything from visa to ancillary fee,Scholarship can make things like bread and better though) and at the same time i have a secure future(Computer Science and Engineering-research field - software engineering web engineering and database systems)..
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