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  1. Started from the bottom, now the whole team's here. Graduating with a full-time job offer in about 5 weeks! Don't ever listen to the naysayers. Dreams are worth fighting for.

    1. gk210
    2. Mauve23
    3. MSW13


      Awesome, congratulations!

  2. I like your positive attitude despite the sacrifices on money and food. It's contagious.
  3. There are different types of resumes you can use when job hunting. A skills based resume might be more suitable for you versus a job history resume. I don't think you should leave off your education. That is something employers value especially if you don't have job experience. But realistically, you might have to use your networking skills a bit more to secure a decent full-time job. Now a days, job openings are flooded with resumes and the chance of getting a call back is incredibly low. Maybe you should visit a temp agency and let them handle the job hunting for you?
  4. I'm currently writing a goals statement for one of my applications to a master's program. I keep second guessing my words because every time I read through it, the essay sounds incredibly boring. Is there a way to write about goals without sounding too lofty, idealistic, or boring? I need inspiration for this essay!
  5. Losing motivation but I won't allow myself to sink! This boat needs to sail!

  6. Ugh. I feel like my brain is melting away.

  7. I've considered cheaper ways to plan a wedding, but after looking at our guest list, we might end up having to host 250-300 people because of his large family and my church family alone being 100+ people. For us, I think the biggest cost will be the location and food. Everything else I can bargain shop for, but the bill may still end up being pretty hefty.
  8. Wow, thanks for the insights and feedback. I've been leaning more towards getting married before graduate school. For me, personally, I do not think I would be happy going to grad school in a state that is so far from my significant other. As for the tips on balancing personal life with grad life and work, I've definitely become more confident about it by reading your posts. I don't plan on working when in school since the grad programs I'm applying to are mainly full time and their internships are usually during summer, so treating grad school like a 40-50 hr job a week sounds doable. I'm so
  9. The AWA section was comparable to prompts on the ETS website and the Princeton Review and McGraw Hill study books. If you practice writing within 20 minutes, that gives you 5 minutes to brainstorm beforehand and 5 minutes to edit after writing. I actually wound up with 7 minutes of editing time for my argument essay. The Verbal sections had at least 3 different reading comp stories and their questions were mainly about author's tone, intent, or inferences from the passage. I took the advice from this forum and skipped other types of questions to do the reading comp ones first. That made i
  10. I took the revised GRE this past Saturday and wound up with scores that were lower than I had anticipated. I also thought that the questions I received were 'too easy' compared to the practice questions I had taken from my study books, which led me to think during my exam, that somehow I was experiencing a ceiling effect for a specific difficulty level. To me, both the quantitative and the verbal were not as difficult as I had anticipated and with the test being section adapted versus question adapted, I pretty much got frustrated that I couldn't increase the level of difficulty for th
  11. Whew! Thanks everyone for your input. I'm taking my exam tomorrow and reading your test strategies and insights are helping me feel more confident about taking it in the revised format. Hopefully, it will go better than my previous experience. Last time I took the exam, there was a woman sitting next to me who typed and erased answers on her papers incredibly loud, which irritated me to the point of losing focus haha!
  12. I can't believe I'm actually thinking this: it has been so fun crafting my personal statement!

    1. gellert


      hope i'm feeling the same in a week or so.

    2. Behavioral


      You're nuts. It was like pulling teeth for me.

  13. From my research, the MBA is a master's in business admin that schools tailor to specific areas of business. You have to research to find the right school that offers the right specialty for your MBA. Some schools offer general MBAs and those are geared towards working professionals who are just looking for a title or certification to increase their potential for promotion. Business schools have fierce competition, especially for MBA programs, so you'll have to research which school your background can compete for in regards to admission. I'm currently applying for a MA in HR, which is par
  14. What if the program doesn't specifically ask for a SoP or personal statement, but rather a general essay that describes your reasons for studying and why you would diversify the program? Wouldn't that be like combining the SoP and personal statement into one essay? How then could you write a good essay that wouldn't focus too much on either aspect? That's the boat I'm in right now. I'm afraid to flesh out too many details for either aspect in my application essay.
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